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Bestway Inc. a leading manufacturer and marketer of agricultural sprayers, recently announced the introduction of a line of UTV Skid Mounted Sprayers that are designed for rugged use by farmers, ranchers and commercial spraying operations. The new Bestway UTV sprayers are offered in 40, 60 and 100 gallon tank sizes, with a choice of a 5.3 gpm 12 volt electric pump or 3 hp Honda gas engine models with a Hypro roller pump. A handgun for spot spraying with 25 ft. of hose is standard equipment, with a hose reel and 50 ft. of hose optional.

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The Bestway brand has built a reputation on quality and simplicity. Quality means solid construction, simple operations, and uncomplicated easy maintenance. Spraying should be easy. No matter what electronic magic or fancy features you like, the foundation of successful application is basic, solid equipment. As you research your choices for spray equipment, please give Bestway a close, hard look. Sprayers are not a sideline for us. It is our mission to build the best and ultimately improve your productivity. Thank you for taking the time to look at our product lineup. I hope you see something that fits your needs perfectly.

One of the biggest differences between Bestway UTV sprayers and other brands are the optional FiberWorks™ composite boom systems” states David Benson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing.  “The Bestway UTV FiberWorks™ booms are constructed of the same material used very successfully in our large field sprayer booms.” he adds.  The 5 ft. FiberWorks™ boom features a “boomless” nozzle design with 4 nozzles that cover a 25 ft. spray pattern.   Folding FiberWorks™ boom options include a 12 ft. and an 18 ft. model with an exclusive fore and aft, spring loaded, breakaway system to protect the boom from damage from obstacles.

 Boom mounting systems include a skid mount that allows spraying with the tailgate closed on most UTV’s, as well as a receiver mount that utilizes the UTV’s receiver hitch to mount the boom securely. 

Bestway announces New PRO-MOUNT , 3-Point Mounted Sprayers

Bestway Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the new PRO-MOUNT 360 and 460, mounted sprayers to the Bestway sprayer line.  The PRO-MOUNT 360 and 460  feature an industry exlcusive front folding fiberworks, fiberglass composite boom.  The PRO-MOUNT 360 and 460  provide owners the convenience and maneuverability of a 3-Point sprayer with an extremely durable boom system vs. conventional steel booms.  The PRO-MOUNT 360 and 460  feature a 60' front fold boom and a 300 gallon product tank on the 360 and 400 gallon product tank on the 460 model. Options include a 50 gallon rinse system and AutoGlide automatic boom height control systems.  Several rate controller options are available including third party ready to connect to your existing JD GS 2or 3, Outback Max, Ag Leader or Trimble liquid rate controllers.

In the early 1960’s Ed Schick of Clear Lake, Iowa, founded the Bestway Sprayer Company. He thought farmers needed a better sprayer. One that would hold up. He had a reputation for well-built, basic equipment. His prices were a little higher, but a growing number of customers recognized the value.

Later, in 1987 Ed sold Bestway to Cliff Wilson, owner of Ritchie Industries. Both men swore a solemn oath that the principles for which Bestway was built would not be changed. For that reason, when RHS purchased Bestway in 1995, Cliff passed on the mandate Ed had given to him. We take that commitment seriously.

On January 1, 2016 Bestway Inc. becomes Bestway Sales, LLC with local investors purchasing Bestway from Rick and Debbie Heiniger.