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  • BGU ProForest - Buzz Saws and Circular Saws

    BGU ProForest - Buzz Saws and Circular Saws

    BGU-ProForest offers you a variety of possibilities to saw your loggs the way YOU want. You just want to cut a few trees to provide for a single winter to come? Or you are in need of something very powerful to produce tons of firewood? No problem - we offer you buzz-saws that perfectly fit your needs. Starting with the entry-level models powered by an electric motor drive or independent gasoline enginge drives up to those that are propelled by a PTO...

  • BGU ProForest - Splitters

    BGU ProForest - Splitters

    Home-owners who have a fire-place are confronted with the choice of either burning rather expensive commercial firewood or splitting their own logs at home using a log-splitter. The latter option is most likely to be rejected because of too high cost or the fact that you never get the machine that exactly fits your needs. But that's wrong! In our whole range of different types of log splitters you can just find the right one for you. Compact and...

  • BGU ProForest - Firewood Processors

    BGU ProForest - Firewood Processors

    You are a Professional and have tons of logs to split and cut? You want to produce firewood as fast and cost-efficient as possible? Then we have just the right gimmick for you. With our combined saw & splitter processors firewood will be produced as fast and easy like never before! You will be surprised how much wood is done at end of the day.

  • BGU ProForest - Logging Winches

    BGU ProForest - Logging Winches

    Cutting down trees is nothing without having the right tools to get them where you want them to. BGU ProForest logging winches have the power and the durability to pull even the biggest log out of your forest. And the superior finishing quality guarantees a long lasting reliability.