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  • Model EZ - Dual Changer

    Model EZ - Dual Changer

    The new EZ Dual Changer has proved to be very beneficial when changing duals on large machinery, such as tractors and combines. Farmers, Implement dealers and tire service centers all over the US and Canada are using the EZ Dual Changer. They all agree there is nothing easier or safer than the EZ Dual Changer when it comes to changing your duals. One small mistake the old way can be hazardous, cost you thousands of dollars...

  • Model EZ - Dual Caddy

    Model EZ - Dual Caddy

    The new EZ Dual Caddy by Bierman Sales LLC makes it easy and safe to store your duals in an upright position, and it works great in conjunction with the EZ Dual Changer. The tires are spaced just right to slip the EZ Dual Changer between the duals for easy loading and removal.

  • Industrial Wheel Mover

    Industrial Wheel Mover

    The Industrial Wheel Mover is for tractors, agricultural, and contractor machinery. Skid loader quick attach, Forklift attachment and loader attachment available, Economically designed for safe, easy, and efficient removal of large wheels, Sliding adjustable rollers for wheel diameters ranging from 36' - 90', Safety arm to hold tire in place while transporting, Safety arm is adjustable from side to side to fit around fenders, Fitted with three rollers...

  • Large Wheel Trolley

    Large Wheel Trolley

    Mechanical wheel trolley for tractors, sprayers, combines, agricultural and contractors’ machinery. Ergonomically designed for the easy and efficient removal of large wheels - also deep-treaded tractor tires. Side-adjustable lifting arms for wheel diameters ranging 36' - 90'. Robust safety wheel retaining bracket for the safe manoeuvring of the trolley. Precise and easy lifting and lowering by means of mechanical operation. Excellent...

  • Hydraulic Wheel Trolley

    Hydraulic Wheel Trolley

    Designed for fast and safe removal of agricultural and industrial wheels, Lifting action is achieved using a two stage hydraulic pump, mounted inside the frame, 2 roller tables each with 4 rollers to enable rotation of wheel alignment, 1 support handle to assist with ease of maneuverability, Adjustable retaining arm, 4 caster wheels to enable ease of movement, Maximum load capacity: 2700 Lbs, Maximum wheel diameter: 86', Minimum wheel diameter:39',...