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  • Valiant - Model 50 Series - Tractor

    Valiant - Model 50 Series - Tractor

    The Valiant is the mid range All Terrain Tractor. The Valiant 50 series is an updated version of the standard Valiant 500 and features new tier 3 emissions engines,new cabs and a new drivers platform. The easily reversed driving position makes the Valiant 50 series idela for landscaping an grounds maintenance as it can be used in the conventional forwardfacing mode for cultivation work but then switched to reverse drive mode for mowing work. Kilworth...

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  • Kverneland - Soil Equipment - Choppers

  • Kverneland - Model FHS - Grass Chopper

    Kverneland - Model FHS - Grass Chopper

    The Kverneland FHS is a compact and heavy duty machine for moderately demanding jobs in soft and top fruit orchards, vineyards and light undergrowth. It is equally perfect for tidying pasture and chopping straw and stubble. The Kverneland FM is suitable for tractors up to 80 hp. It is available in 1.55m; 1.85m; 2.00m and 2.30m working width.

  • Kverneland - Model FXZ - Grass Chopper

    Kverneland - Model FXZ - Grass Chopper

    The Kverneland FXZ chopper is designed and tested following highest farmer’s requirements in terms of performance and reliability. The FXZ ensures a careful work for a better quality of the residues and its easier natural decomposition.

  • Kverneland - Model FRO - Multipurpose Chopper

    Kverneland - Model FRO - Multipurpose Chopper

    The Kverneland FRO is a new multipurpose chopper for chopping grass, pasture, set-aside land and stubble. A strong double headstock allows mounting the machine in front or behind the tractor. Together with the hydraulic offset it gives a multi-purpose versatility for nearly all conditions e.g. clearing out field edges, orchards road edges. The hydraulic offset is ideal for clearing out field edges – versatile use also for road...

  • Soil Equipment - Cultivators- Seedbed Cultivators

  • Kverneland - Model TLG - Precision Seedbed Cultivator

    Kverneland - Model TLG - Precision Seedbed Cultivator

    The TLG is a heavy-duty precision cultivator designed for the optimum preparation of seedbeds for sugar beet, potatoes and vegetables. The TLG consists of four working zones: the robust levelling board in the front, an effective cage roller for depth control, four rows of effective S-tines and a finger harrow or a single or double roller at the rear. This combination makes the TLG an ideal cultivator for the preparation of a very firm, levelled and...

  • Kverneland - Model TLC  - Vibro Cultivator

    Kverneland - Model TLC - Vibro Cultivator

    Thanks to its excellent weight distribution, precise depth control and optimum ability to follow ground contours the Kverneland TLC seedbed combination produces a perfect seedbed in all types of soil. The finer soil particles are deposited in the lower level of the tilth to promote rapid and uniform germination and also to prevent loss of moisture whilst the coarser clods are kept on the surface in order to reduce the risk of surface capping. Working...

  • Soil Equipment - Cultivators- Stubble Cultivators

  • Kverneland Knock-on - Stubble Cultivators

    Kverneland Knock-on - Stubble Cultivators

    Knock-on is a patented system and the easiest way of exchanging parts on a cultivator: either in order to adapt the machine for the job to be done or to exchange wearing parts. Kverneland always use steel of highest quality. Thus allowing the Knock-on® system to be based on a simple locking technique: requesting only a hammer to knock on and off the parts within seconds. The Knock-on® range offers five cutting widths with shares of 80,...

  • Kverneland Turbo - Stubble Cultivators

    Kverneland Turbo - Stubble Cultivators

    Kverneland  re-introduces the trailed cultivator Kverneland Turbo in working width of 6.5m and 8m. The Kverneland Turbo has been designed with 5 rows of tines for all kind of soil cultivation: stubble cultivation after harvesting from 3cm to 15cm, seedbed preparation after ploughing and also shallow working in spring or  2nd stubble cultivation after manure/slurry and  after green fertiliser crops.

  • Soil Equipment - Disc Harrows

  • Kverneland Visio  - Model 200 - Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

    Kverneland Visio - Model 200 - Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

    A heavy-duty disc harrow  for optimum performance, durability and minimum operating cost.The Visio 200 disc harrow is constructed around a central robust 200x300x10 mono frame which ensures machine stability and operator visibility. The special arrangement of the offset disc gangs guarantees perfect results over the full working width. However, the transport width is under 2.50m and in accordance with road traffic regulations. The discs are...

  • Kverneland Qualidisc - Compact Disc Harrow

    Kverneland Qualidisc - Compact Disc Harrow

    Stubble cultivation is of major importance within conservation tillage: It incorporates weeds and volunteer cereal seeds into the soil with an intensive mixing and promotes their germination for a more efficient subsequent treatment. The even incorporation of the straw presents a key factor for seed germination.Therefore, Kverneland has designed the Qualidisc to comply with these requirements, but also to offer the farmer a versatile machine which is...