Billund Aquaculture

Billund Aquaculture

Billund Aquaculture

We are specialized in design, implementation, start up and services for recirculating fish farms. We have vast experience in systems used for the production of fish, presenting ourselves as the support of the new generations of fish farmers. We are currently present in more than 20 countries, with over 130 successfully-executed projects. With offices in Denmark, Chile, Norway, Australia and the United Sates, our company has been a pioneer in the development of RAS worldwide and it is considered a fundamental pillar in the construction of the sustainable and efficient aquaculture of tomorrow. We are a solid and committed partner, providing innovative solutions for the development of the new aquaculture.

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Kløvermarken 27 , Billund , DK-7190 Denmark
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Service provider
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Internationally (various countries)


Currently we have an annual production of 300 ton of eels, in addition these recirculation systems also serve as R & D facilities within water treatment in order to have a continuous development of knowledge.

Worldwide Billund Aquaculture has so far build more than 100 re-circulated systems in 25 different countries. Please see our reference list.

Billund Aquaculture has technical and biological experience in planning and construction of intensive production facilities for more than 25 different kinds of warm and cold fresh- and saltwater fishes like.

Billund Aquaculture farms are based on a modular concept. This secures that the fish farm can be constructed according to the customer’s individual and specific requirements and a later extension of the farm will therefore always be possible without major impact to the ongoing production. It also ensures a high degree of production safety. The modules are isolated from each other in order to prevent diseases from spreading to the entire stock.

The facilities of Billund Aquaculture, Denmark consists of an office area of 400 m2 and a workshop equal to 1.400 m2, while Billund Aquaculture Chile, founded in 2005 is located in Puerto Montt, consists of an office area of 100 m2 and a 400 m2 workshop.

Both companies are well established and all routines and logistic procedures are streamlined and well functioning. The workshops are well equipment with all necessary tools and welding machines for working in steel and PE and the necessary equipment and personnel for technical and after sales service.

Moreover we have three mobile workshop containers used on construction sites when implementing projects.