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  • Sprayer


    Those facilities have been thought to spray preparations effectively and fast (within one hour after dynamization), with the right corrections for biodynamics: correct choice of materials, pressure, nozzles. In reality every sprayer has 2 sprayers: one for 500 and one for 501, everyone with its own nozzles, output height and working pressure. Devices to switch from one sprayer to the other are studied to ease and make short operator's tasks. Sprayers...

  • Dynamizer


    There are many branches in biodynamics and every one has its own strict ideas: that's why we decided to make our stirring machine highly customizable. For example the height of the whirl can be adjusted to your taste to control one the most fascinating moments of biodynamics: the change to counter-whirl, when the water takes energy and gets the stamina, the movement and the oxygen to dynamize the preps. » Download movie clip. The height of the...

  • Boiler


    Water temperature control This equipment has the function to heat water for dynamization. It is very easy to use and it is not subject to electromagnetic fields. It has a control device for burning products and it stops heating if there are draft problems. It is also equipped with temperature selector, automatic turn-on switch powered by 1.5 V battery, operating handle to economize. It has two 1/2 inch couplings, one for charge and one for discharge....