Biocompost BG LTD

Biocompost BG LTD

Biocompost BG LTD

Biocompost BG LTD is the EU arm of its U.S.A. based affiliates, owners and sole providers of exceptional and cutting edge technologies and solutions in the field of: Soil Microbiology, Ecological Protection and sustainability, Our products and know-how stem from 20 years of applied research and developmentin the fields of soil microbiology, agronomy,colloid science and Mecanical Engineering. Biocompost BG LTD designes,builds and installs: Full integrated, full controlled a fully automated composting facilities. A composting facility / tecnology, which has minimal infrastructure, energy and labor requirements, therefore. The lowest lifetime cost of ownnership (capital and operating costs) composting technology and facility. The smallest footprint requirements. The loewst energy and labor requirements. The lowest environmental and civil regulatory requirements. This is unprecedented in the industry, making fully composting a fully viable and a very competitive proposition.

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Zh.k. Osvobozhdenie 69 , Razgrad , 7200 Bulgaria
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Agriculture - Composting
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Internationally (various countries)


BIOCOMPOST BG LTD is a newly established company with the object of introducing microbiological product such as BIO-ONE and revolutionary In-Vessel Composting technology in the European Market. We are proud of the result of our 20 year-long work on developing revolutionary technologies and microbiological solutions for agriculture. Despite the clear benefits, production and utilization of Compost has remained an obscure practice. Until BIOCOMPOST launched its revolutionary In-Vessel Composting technology, which is poised to make Compost as ubiquitous as it deserves to be.

BIO-ONE is a revolutionary microbiological product which is engineered to maximize agricultural yields while minimizing inputs and cost. BIO-ONE is 100% natural, concentrated, microbial biomass (fertilizer). Contains certain live, naturally occurring aerobic and anaerobic soil microorganisms and their nutrient medium.

Produced in our plants Biocompost meets the standards for bio-waste management system and quality assurance of compost required by Ministry of Ecology and Agriculture U.S.