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  • Controlling and Recording Feed Intake (CRFI)

    Controlling and Recording Feed Intake (CRFI)

    BioControl’s CRFI is designed for research centers and the demanding dairy and beef farms that want optimal control and insight in animal feed intake. The system is very versatile and can be extended with recording of animal weight and water intake. Modules of the CRFI-system can also be implemented: only access control gates or only mangers for feed intake recording.

  • HHR - Model 3000 Pro V2 - Handheld Reader

    HHR - Model 3000 Pro V2 - Handheld Reader

    We can prepare the vehicle ready for use once it arrives. We can also arrange shipping to your chosen port. Besides supplying local authorities with the vehicles of their choice we regularly acquire their surplus stock and act in an advisory capacity regarding any purchasing plans they may have within the municipal vehicle sector. Our sales and customer support staff are always on hand to give you friendly professional advice. Whether it be the...

  • iMan - Handheld Reader

    iMan - Handheld Reader

    The iMan is the ’top of the bill’ handheld reader. The Windows CE platform enables large, advanced applications and the hardware can be extended with many standardized features, such as WIFI. The iMan is very robust and its iP67 rating makes it fit for real life.

  • Salt Stone Reader

    Salt Stone Reader

    The saltstone reader is placed at the entrance of an enclosed area where the animals go to lick the saltstone. The saltstone reader will record the animal ID by reading their RFID eartags when they pass by the reader. The recordings are sent through the phone network to the BioControl server, and the user can go to our webpage to see the recorded readings. The saltstone reader uses a solar panel and a battery to store energy, and can therefore be...

  • Model SF60 - Sheep Feeder

    Model SF60 - Sheep Feeder

    The Sheep Feeder, SF60, is a feeding station for sheep. It will give a portion of feed to the sheep based on settings you can easily set with the controller. You can choose how often, how fast, and how much the sheep should be fed. The settings can be made for individual sheep, or the sheep can be divided in groups, or have one setting for the whole herd. The ensures accurate and efficient feeding of all sheep.

  • Model SR3000 - Stationary Reader

    Model SR3000 - Stationary Reader

    The SR3000 V2 is a Stationary Reader for ISO 11784/11785 transponders with exceptionally good RFID performance. It comes with a range of panel antennas and can read and control two inputs and outputs. It is fit for single and multiple reader configuration and is designed for easy integration by OEM’s and System Integrators.

  • Model WLR 70 - Wide Lane Reader

    Model WLR 70 - Wide Lane Reader

    The robust Wide Lane Reader is designed for automatic sheep identification in high throughput applications such as livestock markets, sheep traders, finishers and abattoirs. It has multiple readers and antennas to read transponders in all orientations, and reads ISO 11784/11785 HDX and FDX-B ear tags and boluses.