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Biodesma SL

Biodesma SL

Biodesma is a leader in business development of biotechnology. We offer our clients investment opportunities with guaranteed returns as we offer the best possible technological scenario. BIODESMA is a biotechnology consultant offering alternatives based business and sustainable use of natural resources. We offer our customers cutting-edge technologies for the study and subsequent development of successful businesses in several areas: Exploitation of marine products and by-products. Marine and inland aquaculture. Microalgae: industrial applications. Technology for the responsible use and water saving. We believe that economic development is compatible with respect for the environment. For this design and advise the implementation of integrated projects, taking into account the sustainable exploitation of natural resources, the social interest and the most appropriate technology in each case.

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Fish farm - School of Forestry Engineers, Polytechnical University of Madrid , Madrid , Spain
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Software vendor
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Internationally (various countries)


BIODESMA's mission is to create solutions, science-based business development committed to the environment and society, various groups providing technological products and expert advice on conservation and natural resource management.


BIODESMA is projected as a business organization of a scientific society that provides new technologies for the rational and sustainable use of natural resources. We will be able to lead a social and economic development in an environmentally friendly manner.

Values and commitment:

The BIODESMA philosophy is based on values such as:

  • Commitment to our actions
  • Scientific Ethics:

Our work is based on the scientific method applied with scientific rigor, taking into account the vast experience of our professionals. We guarantee our customers the results to develop a suitable experimental design, data capture and analysis.

  • Respect for Nature:

Natural resources are our primary technological partner. The environmental commitment is the direct argument to address our research and make creations with a foundation of sustainability.

  • Social responsibility

We want to raise awareness of the importance of using science and technology as a tool for knowledge-based development. Therefore we are committed to the dissemination of science and advanced training in our application domains.