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Bioenergy Group was founded in year 2003. It consists of companies that consult farmers, produce and import bio fertilizers for soil ant plants. We are looking for distributors, sales representatives all around the world to sell bio fertilizers that we produce. We manufacture biological products that increase soil fertility, restore its natural balance and increase plant productivity. Our main products consist of bacterias that fix nitrogen, release phosphorus, increase potassium absorption and fight with plat diseases that are caused by fungies. The season of 2014 was a breaking point of our company: we started to increase our producing rates and invest in new technologies for even better quality of our products. In 2014 we exported more that 1000 tons of bio fertilizers to 11 different countries.

Company details

Staniūnų g. 83 , Panevėžys , 36151 Lithuania

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

Our products are tested and used in many geographic and climatic conditions: from short vegetation periods in Siberia up to hot and log summers in Bulgaria. Our products are used in wheat, rape, sugar beat, barley, corn crops. Trials also show great results in vegetables and fruits. For creating our products we cooperate with 4 universities, more than 5 different laboratories and a huge group of scientists. We are always looking for new solutions for the biggest problems that appear in crop growing. 3 of our products are awarded as the best innovative fertilizers in the biggest agro exhibition in Baltic region “Ka pasesi...”.

Our main goal is to restore natural balance in the soil and increase its fertility.

What do we offer?

We offer unique high quality bio fertilizers that can be used in all sorts of crops regardless of the climate conditions, a business opportunity where the client is happier because you help him to grow a more economically efficient harvest, training of your staff, help in trials and marketing.

If you are looking for new ideas and opportunities in crop growing that give high economical efficiency for both the distributor ant the farmer please contact us.