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  • Fosfix - Phosphorus Fertilizer

    Fosfix - Phosphorus Fertilizer

    Often farms use inadequate  rates to produce the desired yield. We have solved this  problem! Preparation  FOSFIX increases phosphorusavailability to plants in your soil. Phosphorus is an  important biogen for photosynthesis materials and energy metabolism, involved in nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) synthesis as part of the cell membrane phospholipid composition. In whole plant dry weight is about 0 25% phosphorus When plants...

  • Bactoforce - Bio Fertilizers

    Bactoforce - Bio Fertilizers

    Most of plant diseases are caused by fungies that live and multiply in the soil. When we talk about plant protection from diseases first thought that comes to our minds is fungicides. But we usually use fungicides only after we see that diseases are already spreading on our crops. But at this point damage is already done, and the photosynthetic area of our plants has decreased. Of course there are many different plant diseases that are caused by...

  • MaxProlin - Proline Acid

    MaxProlin - Proline Acid

    Pure 99,5 proc. L-a proline acid. Irreplaceable amino acid ntended to spray through the leaves or seed treatment  The product used for reducing biotic and abiotic plant stress.  Regulate the macro and micro nutrient uptake and stimulate plant natural defense mechanisms. MAXPROLIN contains L-a proline acid witch plants appropriate very  well.

  • Biofert - Economically Efficien Soil Fertilizers

    Biofert - Economically Efficien Soil Fertilizers

    Initiates accumulation of nitrogen from the atmosphere, some of the a nitrogen bacteria itself, and the rest is left in the soil for plants i n avai table form. consumes Bacillus magisterium var    Phosphaticum  After application on the soil, releases phosphorus from plant unavailable forms such as calcium. iron and aluminum phosphates, and turns it into plant available forms of organic phosphorus. Bacillus mucilaginosus ...