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  • Anticoccidials

  • Clinacox- Diclazuril - Anticoccidial Chemical

    Clinacox- Diclazuril - Anticoccidial Chemical

    Diclazuril is a chemical anticoccidial,  a benzeneacetonitrile derivative – synthetic compound of  the triazinone family. Diclazuril  is  has  a  mode  of  action  completely  different  from  the  existing  ionophores  and  chemicals, available on the market. According to the anticoccidial properties of triazinones, diclazuril is active against intracellular ...

  • Coxidin - Monensin Sodium

    Coxidin - Monensin Sodium

    Monensin is a polyether antibiotic of the ionophore group. It exerts an anticoccidial action against Eimefio tenello, E. ocefvulina, E. pfaecox,'s, E. bfunetti, E. maximo, E. necatfix in chickens and chickens reared for laying. It is also applied for the prophylactic control of E. gallopavoris, E. meleagfimitis and £ adenoeides affecting turkeys for fattening (up to 16 weeks of age). Its action is connected with the formation of lipophilic...

  • Sacox - Salinomycin Sodium

    Sacox - Salinomycin Sodium

    The biological activity of Sacox® is due to its ability to form complexes with cations, particularly its ability to transport potassium ions into and out of the cell. The salinomycin molecule encloses the cation in a hollow-ball configuration, immobilizing the central ion with secondary valence bonds. Outside the complex there are largely neutral, lipophilic hydrocarbon groups, which give the complex the ability to penetrate into the living cells....

  • Veterinary Product

  • Pharmasin - Model 100 mg/g  and 250 mg/g - Macrolide Antibiotic Powder

    Pharmasin - Model 100 mg/g and 250 mg/g - Macrolide Antibiotic Powder

    Tylosin is a macrolide antibiotic produced by a strain of Stfeptomyces ffadiae. It exerts its antimicrobial effect by inhibiting protein synthesis of susceptible micro-organisms. The tylosin spectrum of activity includes Gram-positive bacteria, some Gram - negative strains such as Posteufella and Mycoplasma spp. at concentrations of 16ug/ml or less. In most species peak plasma concentrations have been attained 1 to 2 hours after administration of...