BioVision Seed Labs

BioVision Seed Labs

BioVision Seed Labs

Since 1996, BioVision Seed Labs has been Canada’s leading seed and grain testing laboratory, providing reliable and professional analytical services to agricultural clients. Building on a solid foundation of germination, purity and disease testing, BioVision is also now the expert in DNA varietal identification and grain quality analysis.

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Unit 310, 280 Portage Close , Sherwood Park , Alberta T8H 2R6 Canada
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Commitment to Quality BioVision takes pride in delivering accurate, replicable and confidential results. Accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, our team of analysts is trained thoroughly to test all seed classes and to utilize the best laboratory techniques. BioVision’s membership in the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) provides a platform to benchmark our skills against laboratories around the world through proficiency testing. To further ensure our quality management system remains consistent, BioVision maintains ISO 9001:2008 designation. 

Leading Edge ServicesBioVision actively seeks new technologies to serve our clients. Our participation and direct involvement with ISTA, CSAAC, AOSA and various government organizations allows us to gain insight into validated seed and grain testing protocols. As new opportunities emerge, BioVision brings forward applicable, validated and cost effective solutions for our clients. 

Information DrivenBioVision is the leader in providing innovative, user-friendly data solutions for our clients. Our online test results package offers customizable features to maximize the ease of submitting samples, as well as viewing and compiling test result data. To keep up with your fast paced business, powerful tools are built into the online software to aid in dynamic searching, sorting, filtering, and exporting. 

Partnering with your BusinessBioVision understands that seed and grain testing is an integral component of a quality management system, whether seed is retailed to producers, or positioned for export in grain cars. We partner with businesses to support their needs and will quickly respond to growing or changing requirements. Our responsiveness and partnership is shown with the streamlining of client testing packages and the tailoring of test result transmission. 

Mission StatementBioVision exists to offer reliable and professional analytical services to agricultural clients. We are built on partnerships and are committed to growth, quality, and innovation. Flexibility, responsiveness, and accessibility are integral parts of our customer service. BioVision encourages new ideas and professional development while providing a challenging, safe, and rewarding work environment.