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  • Model Ultralight 800 - Header

    Model Ultralight 800 - Header

    This header is the Ultimate for the professional and sets new standards in the harvesting technology. It opens a new dimension in fast and loss-free harvesting in all soil- and crop conditions, and this for cutting widths up to 16 m.  By using lightweight technologies from the airline- and car industries the header frame is made of aluminum, combined with high strength steel and stainless steel, which is the basis for this unique Vario...

  • Model Crop Ranger Series - Header

    Model Crop Ranger Series - Header

    For many years of complete satisfaction of our custumers the VX CROP RANGER models Trendline and Highline are characterized by the robust and durable header frame. This enables cutting widths up to 9 m. All optional Highlights can be ordered addtionally for the model Trendline. For the Highline Premium model all Highlights are standard except the splashguard.

  • Model INTEGRAL CX - Header

    Model INTEGRAL CX - Header

    This header extension, that has proved itself over 10.000 times. It has been successful without any kind of restriction and has become to an essential tool for our clients.  Especially through its numerious technical details like horizontal and vertical steps in the bed, constant flat under-floor and high performance side knives, the losses are completely minimized. A device, that pays for itself in the shortest time.

  • Model Soja-Flex - Header

    Model Soja-Flex - Header

    Customers working with the Soja-flex, appreciate its function, because with the BISO „area-adjustment-system“ also the fruitful lower part of the plant can be harvested, resulting in significant increase in yield.

  • Cornpower Header

    Cornpower Header

    This cornpower is constructed for professional agriculture for the harvest of big fields.The rigid frame and the robust, reliable row units with the optimal position of the horizontalchopper guarantee the highest performances in the field. Whether 5-, 6- or 8 rows, the Cornpower has proven, that it delivers what it promises.

  • Sunpower - Header

    Sunpower - Header

    Constant harvest through feeding chain. The vibrating device at the feeder brings the crop completely into the combine. Horizontally rotating cutting knives with an overload facility via a clutch with friction discs. Hydraulic angle adjustment for adapting to different harvesting conditions (Option)