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  • Model BBG - Bar Grader

    Model BBG - Bar Grader

    The BLEC Bar Graders are ideal for grading soil and stoned areas quickly and easily. The angle iron bars are positioned to carry out grading and earthmoving in the forward position, and by simply removing the locking bar the quick hitch frame can be positioned in reverse so the bars back blade and smooth the surface.

  • Blecavator - Compact Stoneburiers

    Blecavator - Compact Stoneburiers

    The BLECAVATOR compact series has been re-designed to work more efficiently, and is supplied standard with a quick fit attachment system offering a STONEPICKER  –  SEED HOPPER and TURF STRIPPER  as options to increase versatility. The well proven standard BLECavator is a ONE PASS GROUND PREPARATOR – Cultivating and Digging down to between 10 – 18cm lifting and screening the stones and debris down to between 14 –...

  • Blecavator - Mid Range Stoneburiers

    Blecavator - Mid Range Stoneburiers

    The BLECAVATOR mid range series are of robust construction for long life and are designed with interchangeable hook on attachments to transform stone burying into stonepicking, quickly and easily The heavy duty gearbox and duplex side chain drive are protected by a PTO pre-set cam clutch.  An optional seed hopper transforms the BLECAVATOR into a one pass operation.

  • Blecavator - Model BV - Heavy Duty Stoneburiers

    Blecavator - Model BV - Heavy Duty Stoneburiers

    The BLECAVATOR heavy duty series are all equipped with a long life drive system, 4 speed gearbox and side gear drive (no chains) Larger dia screening tines, easily adjustable to achieve screening sizes of 13mm – 20mm – 45mm,  and a curved rotor hood made from 8mm steel for strength and durability, adjustable levelling blade for accurate grading and rear packer roll. Ballastable with water for firming up the surface. An optional...

  • BLEC - Model CP36 - Culti-Pack Seeder

    BLEC - Model CP36 - Culti-Pack Seeder

    The BLEC CULTI-PACK SEEDERS have a world renown reputation for their well proven seeding system. The front notched ring rollers crush lumps,making small pockets in the soil, the grass seed is spread accurately across the full width of the rolls (not drilled in lines) the rear set of rollers split the shallow ridges, covering up the tiny seeds in the top 12mm soil, and surface disturbance is kept to a minimum.

  • BLEC - Aeravator Vibrating Tine System

    BLEC - Aeravator Vibrating Tine System

    The BLEC/First Products Aeravator is now available with an interchangeable rotor system for carrying out DE-COMPACTING AERATING and SLICING operations, and with the optional seeding system both overseeding and initial seeding works can be carried out in one pass. The special 3 point swing linkage hitch allows turning on the move for great versatility and high output.