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  • OP-FLO Coolers

    OP-FLO Coolers

    The OP FLO (Opposite Flow) or Counterflow process is the refined technology of exposing processed product to an upward moving stream of ambient airflow. As the air rises through the product, it is warmed, increasing the moisture carrying capability of the air. The product just entering at the top of the cooling chamber is exposed to the warmest air available within the cooler minimizing temperature shock. The product exiting the bottom of the unit is...

  • Crumblers


    The Bliss Crumbler is made for easy installation under counter-flow coolers and is built with a low profile design. It is made to eliminate the 'bouncing spring effect' by holding the rolls in place with compressed air. The Bliss Crumbler is manufactured in four different sizes with each size incorporating a single stand and double stand configuration. The product is fed into the nip on the rolls through the pocket feeder turning in one direction. The...

  • Feeders / Magnet Adapters

    Feeders / Magnet Adapters

    Uniform feed rates directly effect the amount of product produced per kilowatt. Incorporating a Bliss Rotary Feeder/Magnet Adapter will increase the profitability of an existing processing system. It features variable speed drives that regulate the feeder speed to a preselected amp load of the processing equipment (i.e. hammermill). The feeder features an Automatic Self-Cleaning, Manual Self-Cleaning, or Manual Clean Magnet Adapter. The combination...