Blount International Inc.

Blount International Inc.

Blount International, Inc. is a global manufacturer and marketer of replacement parts, equipment, and accessories for the forestry, lawn, and garden; farm, ranch, and agriculture; and concrete cutting and finishing markets. Blount sells its products in more than 110 countries around the world. As a leader in innovation and quality, Blount produces saw chains, bars and sprockets that are well respected in the chain saw and forestry industries and outdoor equipment accessories and parts for the garden and landscape industry. In fact, Blount is the market leader in manufacturing saw chain and guide bars for chain saws. Blount offers these products under the brand names OREGON, Carlton, and KOX.

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4909 SE International Way P.O. Box 22127 , Portland , Oregon 97269-2127 USA

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With a reputation for durability and reliability, the products are marketed under the brand names Woods, Speeco, Alitec, Central Fabricators, Gannon, Wain-Roy, WoodsCare, and TISCO.

As a diversified company, Blount also manufactures concrete chain saws and diamond chain, which have revolutionized concrete cutting in the construction industry. As the world leader in Diamond Chain Technology, these products are offered under the ICS brand, known worldwide for its industry-leading innovations.

In 1947, Oregon Saw Chain Company was founded by Joe Cox in Portland, Oregon. Joe developed the modern saw chain design after viewing how efficiently timber beetle larva chewed through wood fiber. Like many other small companies, Oregon Saw Chain began as a small operation in Joe Cox’s home.

In the years that followed, Joe expanded his saw chain business and hired several employees. Among these employees was John Gray, who eventually acquired the company in 1953 and led the company through a period of strong growth and expansion. In 1957, the company was renamed Omark Industries.

The company continued to grow over the next several decades. In 1980, Omark Industries was listed on the American Stock Exchange as OMK, and the following year opened a new corporate office in Portland, Oregon.

In 1985, Omark Industries was purchased by Blount, Inc., which at the time was a construction company headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama. Its founder was Winton M. (Red) Blount, who started his career as a construction contractor and grew a successful business through world-class construction projects. In 1991, the company founded the ICS business, which focused on developing specialized chain saw applications for the construction industry.

Exiting the construction business in 1993, Blount, Inc. was renamed Blount International, Inc. and turned its focus exclusively to manufacturing. Almost overnight, Blount went from a worldwide construction company to a worldwide manufacturing company.

In 1997, Blount purchased Frederick Manufacturing Corp. of Kansas City, Missouri, a well-known and respected manufacturer of lawnmower blades and supplier of lawn and garden products. The acquisition marked Blount’s substantial expansion of its outdoor equipment parts business.

In 1999, Blount was acquired by Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking and five years later was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as BLT, which remains the company’s ticker symbol today.

In 2002, Blount’s corporate headquarters moved from Montgomery, Alabama to Portland, Oregon to the headquarter offices of the company’s Outdoor Products segment that consisted of Oregon Cutting Systems and ICS.

Blount has grown its business by developing world-class manufacturing operations and a strong worldwide distribution network. The company expanded its operations through the addition of manufacturing plants in Guelph, Canada (1952); Portland, Oregon (1965); Curitiba, Brazil (1979); and Fuzhou, China (2005), as well as through acquisitions of complementary businesses, such as Frederick Manufacturing (1997), Windsor (2000), Carlton Company (2008), SpeeCo (2010), KOX (2011), and Woods Equipment and Tisco (2011).

Our Company Mission
Create long-term value for our shareholders through profitable growth, by building an enduring organization driven by a performance-oriented culture of continuous improvement and a relentless focus on providing our customers with quality parts and equipment.

Our Vision
Be the supplier of choice for professional quality parts and equipment that help our customers get their job done right.

Our Strategy

  • Profitably grow our business by leveraging our channel and geographic resources to    sell existing and new, innovative products
    • Maintaining or growing our market leading positions and margins in our core businesses
    • Selling existing products through new distribution channels, including cross-selling between   divisions/distribution networks
    • Adding new, innovative products in existing and adjacent categories sold through our
    • existing distribution channels
    • Expanding internationally in FRAG and CCF and growing FLAG share in high growth, emerging   markets
  • Build a high performance organization - Recruit, develop, and retain high performing, engaged Team Members
    • Establish global shared services functions to support our divisions
    • Foster a performance-oriented culture of continuous improvement anchored by our P-4   Business Beliefs
  • Prudently allocate capital
    • Maintaining appropriate investment levels to support organic growth and improve productivity
    • Pay down debt to maintain a strong balance sheet and tax-efficiently create value
    • Distribute dividends and/or institute share repurchase when appropriate
  • Opportunistically pursue acquisitions