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  • Horticulture

  • Widespan System

    Widespan System

    In 2009 Boal Systemen renewed its widespan system. The BK System’s supporting steel structure guarantees a solid construction while allowing for large span widths. Using the aluminum gutters and pilling-up profiles, the BK System offers a very precise and neatly constructed roof system. The BK System introduces more robust connections between the glazing profiles in order to absorb forces and expansion differences optimally. The bar clamp which...

  • Lumenex - Model Venlo - Roof System

    Lumenex - Model Venlo - Roof System

    Since its introduction in 1993 the Lumenex® Roof System is further developed to achieve a superior performance. In this Venlo-type greenhouse the potential of aluminum is fully mobilized to achieve strength, light transmission and energy efficiency. BOAL Systemen offers a range of gutters, bars, ventilators, glass support systems and PVC cappings to adjust the roof system to the needs of the grower. Also connection profiles are delivered...

  • Lumenex - Model 22 mm - Venlo-Based Roof System

    Lumenex - Model 22 mm - Venlo-Based Roof System

    The Lumenex 22 mm System; the sustainable standard for greenhouses. The Venlo-based roof system with roof and vents for 22 mm double-glass is attractive for a wide range of breeding and cultivation facilities. Compared to polycarbonate or acrylic, double glass offers a higher light transmission, is less affected bu contamination or discoloration and has no fire risks. Compared to...

  • Lumenex - Model SW40 - Sandwich System

    Lumenex - Model SW40 - Sandwich System

    The Lumenex Sandwich system ensures a smooth transition between 40, 60 and 80 mm insulation panels and greenhouse gutters. For engine rooms, cooling chambers and other areas around the greenhouse insulation panels are popular roof coverings. A difficulty however is to create watertightness. The mounting plates used in the gutter are difficult to seal and create obstructions in the gutter-channel, making the channel unfit for the use of repair cars or...

  • Model MX-2 - Open Roof Systems

    Model MX-2 - Open Roof Systems

    In 1998 BOAL Systemen introduced the MX Open Roof systems to combine the benefits of a greenhouse with the ability creating an open environment. Practical experience with the original system led to improvements which are incorporated in the MX-2 System.

  • Sidewall Systems

    Sidewall Systems

    In order to meet the growers’ wishes towards sidewall systems, BOAL Systemen offers a wide range of profile. Each profile meets various requirements related insulation, glass thickness and physical appearance. Insulation is an important design feature of sidewall systems. In the different systems, BOAL Systemen deals differently with insulation. The 4 and 6 mm systems are for example available with two single glass layers; offering a higher...