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  • Bolton - Model AB-326 - Bulldozer

    Bolton - Model AB-326 - Bulldozer

    The AB-326 series Dozers aka the 'BOLTON Beasts' are available in a variety of powertrain and track configurations. The 'Beast' is available with manual or hydrostatic clutches and either steel or rubber track systems. A solid reliable bulldozer for less than 1/2 the cost of a new U.S. built or Japanese model. If you need a small Dozer and work hard for your money, the Bolton Beast might be just what you need. Dozers are particularily useful where low...

  • Bolton - Model AB-284 - Tractor

    Bolton - Model AB-284 - Tractor

    New R4 Industrial Tyres now available. (R1 Shown) Great choice for Back Hoe attachments where extra rugged tyres are recommended.

  • Bolton - Model 004 & 006 - Wood Chippers

    Bolton - Model 004 & 006 - Wood Chippers

    Bolton Power Equipment PTO woodchippers provide a full 90 ° angle between the feed chute and the exhaust chute. They feature a straight-on rear feed that is ideal for orchard, landscape or back-yard use. Our chippers also feature an adjustable deflector on the exhaust chute to raise or lower the angle of the chip stream. If you are grinding brush for animal bedding, you can easily put it right where it's needed. The feed rollers in our chippers...

  • Bolton - Model 1K2030 PTO - Trencher

    Bolton - Model 1K2030 PTO - Trencher

    Bolton Power Equipment is proud to offer an inexpensive and flexible trenching attachment for any category 1 540/730 RPM 3 point hitch. This attachment has been specifically designed for our AB-284 tractor but it will function with other manufacturer's tractors, provided they can deliver at least 21 HP to the PTO. Our trencher can certainly be used for agricultural purposes, but we think contractors and landscapers will find it a great value too! Our...

  • Bolton - 3 Point Irrigation Pump

    Bolton - 3 Point Irrigation Pump

    This high capacity, high lift water pump is designed for flooding small bogs or feeding distributed sprinkling systems from streams or ponds. Depending on the lift it can move hundreds of gallons per minute. It can also be used to pump out flooded cellars (very quickly) or low lying areas around a building after a heavy rain. We believe this versatile pump has many uses and would make an excellent attachment for our AB-284 or any tractor with a...

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  • FlexStor - Grain Storage

  • FlexStor - Model 1050HF - Grain Bagger

    FlexStor - Model 1050HF - Grain Bagger

    Bagging grain is simple and quick with the FlexStor grain bagging system. There is no waiting for trucks or slow augers, plus the combine can keep running, making harvest more efficient. No waiting in lines at an elevator. Grain goes into the bag at the same moisture it comes out, so commodities can be dried at a later time if needed.

  • FlexStor - Vac Attach

    FlexStor - Vac Attach

    The FlexStor Vac Attach is an attachment for a grain vac that offers a solution for emptying grain bags. Because of its framed structure equipped with hydraulic driven gathering augers and flexible suction tube for moving grain to the grain vac rubber input hose, the FlexStor Vac Attach simplifies the labor required when emptying grain bags.

  • FlexStor - Grain Unloader

    FlexStor - Grain Unloader

    The Grain Unloader provides ultra-high flow rates when unloading grain bags and can be utilized with our Grain Bagger System. Providing you with flexible grain storage solutions.

  • Paddle Sweeps

  • Koyker - Daay Power Sweep

    Koyker - Daay Power Sweep

    The Daay Power Sweep can be manufactured for bins from 15' up to 66'. It is designed to be fully submersed in grain, and can withstand an avalanche of grain! It has the ability to perform single or multiple passes. The paddle chain moves grain gently and evenly to the sump. And has a capacity of 5000 Bu/hr. at 350 rpm tightener shaft speed.

  • Koyker - Daay Bin Paddle Sweep

    Koyker - Daay Bin Paddle Sweep

    The Daay Bin Paddle Sweep is designed to be fully submersed in grain and can unbury itself from a grain avalanche. The sweep is engineered to the most current specifications in the industry. There has no dangerous augers to worry about and simply moves the grain with flexible rubber paddles. Explosion proof, all-weather quick change motors and tractor tread tires are among some of the features. The sweeps can be manufactured to fit in grain bins from...

  • Koyker - Post Puller / Pounder

    Koyker - Post Puller / Pounder

    Demo old fence with ease with this state-of-the-art skid steer post puller attachment. From 1” in diameter posts to railroad ties, this puller can handle it.