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  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    They are suitable for the lifting of the most bulk material such as: dry and wet grains, seeds, flours, granular and powdery products in general. They are used in feed mills, grain and seeds factories, milk and cheese factory, chemical plants, cement and pottery factories, etc.

  • Chain Conveyors

    Chain Conveyors

    Design to horizontally convey all loose products (dry and moist grains, seeds, meals, powders), granular and powdery materials in general, over long distances. This new serie is entirely made of press-bent and bolted sheet metal galvanized by the Sedzimir process.

  • Drum Cleaner

    Drum Cleaner

    It is advised to share the biggest impurities inside the various types of grains during the reception phase. Outlet dean product capacity can be regulated thanks to rotary drum indination (regulation device in motorization area), as in function of the type and the quality of product to be treated. Besides, it is possible install gratings with proper drilling in compliance with product type. The deaner can be required as pre-cleaning...