`Botanicoir` is a British based company supplying high quality cocopeat produce to various fruit and vegetable growers of over 30 countries. Over the last 10 years, Botanicoir has focused on working with a variety of experts to develop and improve the range of coir products available. The invaluable knowledge gained from working with a worldwide customer base, distribution partners and crop specific consultants has enabled us to become one of the most respected manufacturers of high quality coir in the industry. From salads to soft fruits, flowers to bulk products, Botanicoir understands that every order is unique. In-depth consultation takes into account grower preferences, local climate and crop specific requirements resulting in every product being made bespoke to order.

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131 Harbut Road , London , SW11 2RD SW11 2RD United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)

Botanicoir is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of high quality coir (cocopeat) products, specialising in grow bags and other products for soft fruits, salads and flowers. We currently supply coir to growers in over 30 countries, as well as to some of the UK’s leading substrate manufacturers. We have developed crop-specific coir blends to suit various crop needs with regards to rooting, moisture levels and nutrient requirements, among other factors.

At our production facility in Sri Lanka; our strict production procedures mean that we can ensure the quality of our cocopeat products. The location of our factory in the coconut triangle means that we are in a position to source from several large, high quality coir mills, so we always have a consistent supply of coir. Once the raw material reaches our processing plant, it is thoroughly washed and then buffered, before being dried in natural sunlight. We compress all our products before shipping so that they are light, easy to handle, and have a low carbon footprint.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that they receive the best quality products, and to provide them with a comprehensive after-sales service, including full technical support.


As an established company, we use our experience and expertise to aid clients in deciding which products and specifications will best suit their growing needs. We talk through all aspects of what a grower is looking for in the products we supply before advising, this includes crops, seasons, varieties, climate, water quality and individual grower preferences.

To give the growers extra peace of mind, we offer a consultancy and agronomy service to answer any technical questions that may come up and an after sales visit for advice on feeding and care of the crops. These consultants are industry specific and independent to Botanicoir, so you know you are getting honest, impartial advice throughout the process.

Botanicoir’s philosophy is simple: we look after our customers. For us, it’s not only about supplying the best quality products; we also take care to ensure that customers receive accurate and honest advice before and after sales, to make sure that they can be confident in using our coir products. We take the time to spend time with our clients face-to-face, so we can really understand their needs and requirements from us and our products.

When it comes to growing plants in coir, it is very important to receive accurate information. Providing the best advice and support is what we strive to do, not only for our customers who operate on a large scale, but also for individual growers. Every client is given one point of contact – someone they can call or email directly, who knows all the details of their orders and requirements to facilitate an easy process from start to finish.

Producing quality coir products is at the fore-front of everything that we do. The stringent quality control procedures that we have in place at our production facility in Sri Lanka mean that we are constantly testing the products, and making sure that the pH and all major elements are suitable for the particular crop, whether it be soft fruits, salads or flower crops.

We have our own laboratory on site at the production facility and a team of people who work solely on testing the quality of our products before they are shipped and we also send regular samples to European laboratories for independent testing. Botanicoir has built its reputation on the high quality of its products and we recognise that quality is never something that can be compromised.

Botanicoir has been producing coir products for 10 years and has been at the fore front of the horticultural coir industry growing to the size it is today. As a relatively new industry, there have been huge learning curves to go through on the part of the manufacturers, as well as the growers. These learning curves over the years have now put us in a position to be one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry, with a wealth of knowledge of our products and the needs of different crops, growers and climates across the globe.

Over the years, we have built up a base of reliable and high quality suppliers who understand our values and what we expect from them in terms of the raw materials they supply to us and the way they work as a business in our supply chain.

As a producer of an environmentally friendly, sustainable growing media, we take particular care to ensure that the way we operate is ethically responsible. When sourcing raw materials, we only select coir mills that operate to the highest of standards with regards to their employees and safety procedures.

We strive to maintain the best working conditions in our own production facility in Sri Lanka. We have a strict no child labour policy, set working hours and we have implemented regular, ample rest periods into the shifts. Supervisors are constantly present to ensure that the health and safety measures are always met. We are particularly proud of the benefits available to all employees, including a wage that is well above the industry average, a healthcare system, meals at work, transport to and from the production facility and regular days out for workers to enjoy with their families.

Botanicoir has become known for its forward thinking approach to the coir industry, and this is all down to our Research and Development team. They are a small team that work at the production facility, constantly striving to improve the way our products are made in terms of quality and cost efficiency, as well as developing new and improved products.

Through listening to grower feedback, they have gained a great understanding of what a range of crops in varying climates need to maximise yield when it comes to different elements levels, drainage and water holding capacity. This enables them to develop products, which we then run in trials with our growers. The most recent success story is our Precision Plus grow bag, specifically designed for strawberry crops