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  • Soft Fruit

  • Botanicoir - Strawberry Grow Bags

    Botanicoir - Strawberry Grow Bags

    Our strawberry grow bags, which contain our specifically developed and buffered Precision Plus grade, are made with the plant, and the grower, in mind. We wash and buffer our coir to a very high standard, so that when the young strawberry plants are planted in the grow bag, they are in the best environment to promote growth. The Precision Plus mix that we use for our strawberry grow bags has a graded particle size and optimum buffering level, which...

  • Botanicoir - Cocopeat Slabs

    Botanicoir - Cocopeat Slabs

    If growers prefer growing in troughs rather than grow bags, we can provide naked slabs of coir to simply place in the trough and rehydrate. We use the same Precision Plus strawberry mix and strict quality controls as with the grow bags, but simply do not put the coir in a bag. This gives a more flexible method of growing, meaning that numbers of plants per meter can be changed year on year, and the troughs can be moved around without disturbing the...

  • Botanicoir - Disks and Blocks

    Botanicoir - Disks and Blocks

    For soft fruit growers who have existing systems in place with regards to container growing, or for those looking to move to the rigid plastic containers, we offer a range of coir disks and blocks to fit these pots.

  • Botanicoir - Open Top Container

    Botanicoir - Open Top Container

    Our Open Top Containers (OTCs) are popular with soft fruit growers as a cost effective and flexible way to grow as they can be simply laid out and hydrated, avoiding having to deal with bulk coir and helping to keep labour costs down.

  • Salads

  • Botanicoir - Aqua Grow Bag

    Botanicoir - Aqua Grow Bag

    As the name suggests, Botanicoir Aqua offers a higher water content in the slab for crops that thrive in a wetter environment. Designed to encourage healthy roots and uniform plant growth, Botanicoir Aqua also provides effective water and nutrient holding capacity. We blend together a specific mix of coir particles to make a slab that can offer the ideal environment for crops needing more water, or for those growing in especially warm climates.

  • Botanicoir - Mist Grow Bag

    Botanicoir - Mist Grow Bag

    Botanicoir Mist is a specifically blended mix of husk chips and other coir particles that promote free drainage. We have worked for many years with some of the worlds leading growers to develop and improve this mix which is ideal for crops that need a balance between a water holding environment and free drainage.

  • Botanicoir - Breeze Grow Bag

    Botanicoir - Breeze Grow Bag

    Botanicoir Breeze is very popular amongst growers as it offers a relatively dry growing environment with a flexible water holding capacity to enable maximum crop steering in a range of climates. 

  • Botanicoir - Dry Grow Bag

    Botanicoir - Dry Grow Bag

    Botanicoir Dry has been designed to encourage generative growing in crops that need a drier substrate to promote healthy growth. This slab has a very high air-fill porosity and gives the grower the ability to steer the crops as they see fit.

  • Botanicoir BotaniCube - Grow Cubes

    Botanicoir BotaniCube - Grow Cubes

    Botanicoir Grow Cubes have been specifically designed, after many years of research and development, for the propogation of seedlings, cuttings and young plants. The growing media is natural, completely biodegradable and surrounded by a flexible netting so that the young roots can easily penetrate into the grow bag.

  • Flowers

  • Botanicoir - Coir Bricks

    Botanicoir - Coir Bricks

    Botanicoir produces a range of flower products, from disks and briquettes, to blocks and bags for an equally wide range of flowering plants including orchids, gerberas and roses. In particular, over the course of many years, we have done extensive trials and research into our specialist orchid mix, optimising the compostion of coir in the mix which growers are now seeing exceptional results from.

  • Other

  • Botanicoir - Briquettes

    Botanicoir - Briquettes

    Botanicoir offers a range of bulk products, varying in size from 450g briquettes to 5kg bales. These products are easy-to-use and quickly re-wettable for the professional grower or retail outlet. Available unwashed, washed only or washed and buffered, these bulk coir products can be produced in a number of different mixes to suit different crops and can also be shrink wrapped, if required.