Boughton Engineering Ltd

Boughton has developed into a specialised vehicle-related engineering group with the following core activities: Waste handling equipment, Military logistic systems, Airfield rescue fire fighting vehicles, Specialised vehicle conversions. The company is a founder member of the Container Handling Equipment Manufacturers Association. CHEM comprises of companies which are actively engaged in the manufacture and/or supply of equipment designed for the compaction, collection and transportation of all types of waste.

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Balliol Business Park, Wobaston Road , Wolverhampton , WV9 5EU United Kingdom

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Boughton have been involved in engineering since 1897 . Early ventures were connected with agricultural equipment/implements, contracting, forestry and transport.

Design and manufacturing expertise grew from this initial experience, which led to an early concentration on function and durability — still the guiding principle in Boughton product design and development.

Over the decades, Boughton have been responsible for many initiatives and innovations in agricultural, forestry, military, waste management and related equipment engineering.

As an illustration, the growth in environmental awareness has brought with it the need to deal safely and effectively with the ever increasing quantities of waste produced by industry. In this area, Boughton Engineering offers a comprehensive range of products.

Waste disposal problems are, of course, not new. At the beginning of the last century, use of the horse for town and city transport posed obvious problems.

The photograph shows the Boughton- operated solution at work circa 1905. Today's hook loading systems offer greater flexibility and are much less labour-intensive. Boughton have always represented the cutting edge of waste transportation and collection equipment technology, often leading the field with innovative and original ideas.