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  • Potting Machines

  • InstaPotter - Model Pro - Potting Machine

    InstaPotter - Model Pro - Potting Machine

    The Insta Potter Pro is designed for efficient potting of bare root materials into containers ranging from 4' to 18' diameter. A variable speed low-profile two-yard hopper provides a constant flow of material over an 18' wide variable speed planting conveyor, allowing the grower to set the pace of production. An automatic soil return system recovers unused soil to the material hopper. The system is easy to operate, with quick change-overs and low...

  • Bouldin & Lawson - Model EP - Pot Dispenser

    Bouldin & Lawson - Model EP - Pot Dispenser

    The EP Pot Dispenser will dispense from 6” to 12” pots and can be fully integrated with the EP2200 and EP2200 EX. It can also be added to other potting machines dependent on type and size This dispenser is extremely easy to setup and adjust. The pots are loaded by the in-feed conveyor which can be preloaded with several stacks of pots. Pots are picked up and stripped by helical rollers which feed them directly to the potting machine....

  • Bagging

  • Bouldin & Lawson - Model 170 - Electric Bagger

    Bouldin & Lawson - Model 170 - Electric Bagger

    The Soil Bagger is a bagging machine that can accurately bag tough, dense soils, as well as lighter potting mixes. It will handle most grades of potting soil with accuracy and speed. The Soil Bagger uses a foot switch, leaving the operator’s hands free.

  • Bouldin & Lawson - Model 18533 - Mulch Bagger

    Bouldin & Lawson - Model 18533 - Mulch Bagger

    A revolutionary design allows the Mulch Bagger to handle bark, nuggets, hardwood mulch, cypress mulch, chips, and many other wood by-products. A rotary drum that works like a water wheel combs the rough mulch into an even flow for bagging. The electric-drive system will allow you to fill as many as 18 bags a minute. If the hopper becomes empty, a sensor under the conveyor will start another conveyor to bring mulch into the Mulch Bagger hopper. You can...

  • Trimmers

  • Mobile Multi Contour Trimmer

    Mobile Multi Contour Trimmer

    This is the ultimate in trimming flexibility. It will trim plants from 3' to 3' diameter and up to 42' tall in anything from a 1gal - 5gal container and any combination of shapes from round to pyramid. Supplied with PTO generator for power and clippings blower with discharge cart Hitch mounted generator for power at any location. Shredder/Blower for size reduction and transfer of cuttings to discharge trailer. Main Panel with disconnect, speed and...