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  • Bowman - Circle Working Facility System

    Bowman - Circle Working Facility System

    The Bowman Circle Working Facility is designed to process cattle through with minimum time... minimum stress. The Working Facility features a half-circle holding pen with a half-circle, solid-side, wedged alley. A solid panel gate swings through the full arc of the holding pen, so cattle can be moved into the alley with minimum hazing.

  • Bowman - Hoof Trimming Chute

    Bowman - Hoof Trimming Chute

    Now, a full-size chute with drop bottom and heavy duty body straps to hold animal in chute when working on feet or legs. Tilt the chute and drop bottom to trim hooves or castrate. Upright, use it as a standard chute for branding, vaccinating, dehorning, etc. The 'Cadillac' of cattle processing chutes.

  • Bowman - Load-out Chute

    Bowman - Load-out Chute

    Incoming and outgoing, the Bowman Load-Out Chute and Facility makes the whole operation move smoother. Chute is available alone or with a half-circle, solid panel pen with full solid panel gate that swings around the pen behind animals to push them into the chute.

  • Bowman - Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

    Bowman - Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

    Bowman Hydraulic Squeeze Chute available with a 5-phase or a 1-phase motor. The hydraulically controlled entrance and exit doors have a fast action 'scissor-type' motion. Available with or without a side tilt option.

  • Bowman - Portable Electronic Scale

    Bowman - Portable Electronic Scale

    A heavy-duty, single animal scale that lets you keep accurate records for weigh-in, weigh-out, performance testing, etc. Available as stationary scale or portable unit with hydraulic jack for raising and lowering transport wheels. Scale platform is 8 feet long. Four electronic load cells - one on each corner - insure precise weights. Same type of scale used with feed wagons and weigh wagons.

  • Bowman - Tilt Chute

    Bowman - Tilt Chute

    Bowman Tilt Chute available with Hoof Trimming options (drop bottom, body straps, head support table) or available as regular Tilt Chute without Hoof Trimming options. Fast action 'scissor-type' entrance and exit doors are hydraulically controlled. Larger models (Standard Tilt, Bull Tilt, Calf Tilt) available.