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  • Milk Replacer

  • Volac - Heiferlac Instant

    Volac - Heiferlac Instant

    Heiferlac has been developed specifically for the modern dairy heifer calf and offers very high levels of pure dairy protein, lactose and a specially selected blend of vegetable oils.  This high protein, specilaised milk replacer from Volac has been formulated to achieve fast frame growth in the early part of life ensuring that heifers achieve all target weights to bulling and beyond.

  • Volac - Blossom Easymix

    Volac - Blossom Easymix

    Volac Blossom is renowned for consistent performance and is ideal for high performance beef and dairy units. It is formulated to achieve the required growth rates to maximise lifetime performance for both dairy and beef calves. The unique formulation encourages early solid feed intake.

  • Volac - Olympian

    Volac - Olympian

    Volac Olympian has been designed for the modern beef enterprise and traditional dairy units to give exceptionally cost effective growth rates. Olympian formulation is high in lactose and oil levels to provide a very high energy feed for well grown, good looking calves.

  • Crop-Silage Packaging

  • Acorn - Silage Covers

    Acorn - Silage Covers

    Cut in dry conditions to maximise dry matter. Delay cutting to the afternoon when grass sugars are at their highest. Get the sugar levels tested before cutting, aiming for a minimum of 2.5-3.0%. Aim to wilt the crop for a minimum of 24 hours but ideally 36 hours. If feeding high performing animals over a long period an inoculant will give an economic return e.g. in winter milk, beef finishing. Remember that an additive cannot make a bad grass crop...

  • Acorn - Model Green Edge 3600m Netwrap - Conserving Baled Silage

    Acorn - Model Green Edge 3600m Netwrap - Conserving Baled Silage

    For top quality baled silage cut leafy material when seed heads are emerging. Cut when grass is dry and aim to leave on the ground for one night only. Attempt to wilt grass to about 28—35% dry matter. Ensure that you make firm, compact bales. Use Acorn Green Edge 3600m Netwrap for reliability, quality and cost effectiveness. Make sure you use Acorn Silaseal proven 25 micron, triple layer films. Lighter films will NOT protect your silage...

  • Acorn - Triple Layer Silaseal

    Acorn - Triple Layer Silaseal

    Triple layer co-extruded film with 25 micron film thickness. High tack inner layer delivers superior long-term sealing. Outstanding resistance to punctures and overstretching. Trouble free wrapping gives firm, secure bales. Fully UV-stabilised to generate maximum protection in storage. Every roll is 1500 metres in length and 750 mm reel width.