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  • BLM - Model Early 15 - Hovercraft Lawnmower

    BLM - Model Early 15 - Hovercraft Lawnmower

    This innovative and unique plastic mower was blue, unlike the later models. Flymo surveyed 2000 ladies and asked which colour they would choose for their mower, and that´s how Flymo´s all became orange. Karl Dahlmen invented the hovercraft lawnmower in 1964 with an engine mounted on a bin lid, after seeing Sir Christopher Cockerells Hovercraft machine.

  • BLM - British Anzani Lawnrider

    BLM - British Anzani Lawnrider

    An interesting ride-on mower from the 1960´s, made from cast aluminium in 18' & 24' sizes. Early models were constructed of a steel spaceframe. powered by Villers 2 & 4 stroke 150cc engines. Once owned by Hawker Siddley more famous for their airplane manufacturing. These models were not as stable as you would like with a tendancy to tip over on a corner.

  • BLM - Racing Lawnmower (30-60mph)

    BLM - Racing Lawnmower (30-60mph)

    The modern sport of lawn mower racing has its origins in a meeting of enthusiastic beer drinkers at the Cricketers Arms, Wisborough Green, West Sussex, one evening in 1973. At the time, motor sport consultant Jim Gavin had just returned from a rally reconnaissance in the Sahara, and talk naturally turned to other forms of motor and motorcycle sport. The main point of discussion turned around the horrendously escalating costs involved. So a few...

  • BLM - Hayter Racing Mower

    BLM - Hayter Racing Mower

    By 1976 there were races at four or five different villages in Surrey and Sussex and it´s from these countries that the majority of competitors still come. But clubs dedicated to racing lawn mowers have, over the years sprung up all over the country, namely at the Ross´s Arms, Astley, Manchester. Along with the setting up of National Championships to cater for these different groups, 1978 saw the arrival of enthusiastically adopted ideas...