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  • Woodland Burial Sites

    Woodland Burial Sites

    The Funeralcare Co-operative Plan Bee Wildflower Meadow Creation As part of the ambitious Plan Bee project (which aims to save the plight of honey bees and pollinators across the UK), the Funeralcare Co-operative Woodland Burial Sites have been ...

  • River Erosion

    River Erosion

    With extensive frontage along the banks of the River Thames, the grounds of the world famous Henley Management College are much used by students and visitors alike. But when wave action and signal crayfish burrowing undermined a quarter of a mile of ...

  • Grow to Order and Seed Collection

    Grow to Order and Seed Collection

    Local provenance planting is important to help restore our natural habitats and retain the genetic integrity of plant populations and is strongly recommended for projects within or near environmentally sensitive areas. Forward planning is essential ...