Brumi s.r.l.

Agris -Brumi S.r.l. leading company in Italy in the manufacture of agricultural machines (motor-hoes, walking tractors,shaker, motor-mowers), endowed with highly skilled and experienced technicians, intending the Research as the main purpose to improved its products, so that customers can always have top quality and advanced machines at disposal, both from the technical point of view and for the first-rate quality of the materials. For many years it has been planning machines able to satisfy any need in the agricultural field either for professional work or hobby. Modern, pratical, simple in use and multifunctional products. Furthermore if offers, through its own sales network, a shilled after-sales service extending everywhere, guaranteed by Agris, Brumi, Brumital MPM trademarks.

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Zona Industriale II strada n.1 , CATANIA (CT) , 95121 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)
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The company was founded in 1955 by Matteo Pitanza “Cavaliere del Lavoro”, under MPM Sicila name. On 1978 the company has changed into Brumital, and in 1996 turn into Agris-Brumi. From the very beginning the company was focused on agricultural machine and automotive construction, with special attention to quality and utility of its products, counting on employees specialized and qualified on research and design of machineries. On 70’s becomes the first Italian company for Motor hoes construction, and its machines were exported to many foreign countries.The company raised from 207 walking tractors on 1955 up to 9.165 on 1972, leading Brumi up to first place on production and third as number of working machines in Italy with 39.061 walking tractors.During years Brumi developed an innovation process on agricultural machineries production, prosecuting research with Agricultural University of Catania and “Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico della Regione Siciliana”. The company is now on its third generation and still keeps its evolution process with pasion and social reliability toward workers, clients and its island, never forgotten. Brumi machines represent the most  comprehensive system for cultivation. Brumi do not stare to achieved goals and always looks to the future, in this prospecctive Brumi develops and designs its machines.