Buckeye Hydraulics, Inc.

Buckeye Hydraulics, Inc. is a full line fluid power distributor serving the agricultural, mobile equipment, and construction industries since 1971. It is our goal to offer our customers superior products at competitive prices while providing unparalleled support.

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P. O. BOX 500, 24247 W. THIRD STREET , GRAND RAPIDS , Ohio 43522 USA

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Buckeye Hydraulics Inc. started as an effort of a son tohelp his father.  Working at a company that was hydraulics oriented, Lionel Long was working on an idea to help his father on the farm.  The senior Long was having trouble running the grain auger in a gravity feed wagon, and Lionel used his knowledge of hydraulics to build an auger accessory for him.  'It was great,' said Long.  'It sped up his planting time and he no longer had a problem with his tractor.'

This hydraulic unit was so successful that Long began to manufacture the units for a wagon manufacturer who offered the unit as an accessory.  It became the Auger-Mate®, and Buckeye Hydraulics was born in 1971.

Buckeye Hydraulics soon expanded its product line.  Long began to build different sizes of power units and moved into additional markets such as construction equipment.  Soon Buckeye Hydraulics was selling other hydraulic components.  It wasn't long until several of these component manufacturers wanted Buckeye Hydraulics to be their distributor.

Today Buckeye Hydraulics is a leader in the sales and service of not only the Auger-Mate®, but of all types of hydraulic components.  Chances are if you can't find it at Buckeye Hydraulics, you won't find it at all.  And if repair is what you need, their sister company Ohio Fluid Products can make your repair efficiently and cost-effectively.

The staff at Buckeye Hydraulics takes great pride in the custom productsthat are designed for special circumstances.  'We take the customer's request and build it to his specifications to accomplish his requirements.'  That is the kind of service in which Buckeye Hydraulics excels.