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  • Raised Bed Equipment

  • Buckeye - Disk Bedders

    Buckeye - Disk Bedders

    Disk Bedders rough-in beds to establish furrows and build-up soil. First loosen soil and cut-up residue with primary tillage, if needed. The advantage is less field work than one-pass bed shapers, which require soil to be fully worked to seedbed condition.

  • Buckeye - Model 4321-D - Bed Shapers

    Buckeye - Model 4321-D - Bed Shapers

    Model 4321-D is a heavy-duty Category-2 bedder. Built with plenty of iron for bigger growers and bigger tractors. Four shaping disks move a lot of soil for shaping beds up to 10' high. 80 HP rating. Use at least 50 HP for an 8' bed height and at least 60 HP for 10' bed height.

  • Buckeye - Model 2121-D - Bedder

    Buckeye - Model 2121-D - Bedder

    Model 2121-D is an all-purpose workhorse for fresh-market farms. Adjust bed size for use with or without plastic mulch. Standard shaping disks form new beds in loose, prepered soil. Attachments include Drip Tape Applicators and Dry Wheel Punchers.

  • Mulch Layers

  • Buckeye - Model 1723 - Mulch Layers

    Buckeye - Model 1723 - Mulch Layers

    Model 1723 is lays plastic straight and tight like all our exceptional layers but built for lower speeds or short rows for smaller fresh-market farms. Compared to Model 2133, the compact frame. 2' carriage rollers, rigid toolbar frame and covering boards offers a scaled-down machine for a scaled-down budget.