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  • Power Harrows

  • Fox Vigneron - Power Harrows

    Fox Vigneron - Power Harrows

    Protection of the upper bearing: it eliminates possible damages to the main transmission 2-3. Double block of the gear (3). Protections to the lower bearings. Protections to the blades screws and circular blades carriers that allow the fitting of stone protection guards. Very strong blades with high resistance to the knocks and to the wear and tear (thickness 15 mm.).

  • Fox - Power Harrows

    Fox - Power Harrows

    Tube mm 80x80x6 (inches 3,15x3,15x0,236) for attaching eradicator  tines, to remove the compact soil left by tractor’s wheels. Folding side deflectors to reduce the maximum external width to m 2,99 for m 3, to m 2,49 for m 2,50. Rear clod bar adjustable in height in order to obtain a finer and well leveled sowing bed  (see 3 photo 3). Rear P.T.O. (see 4 photo 3). Hydraulic up and over linkage for sowing machine (on request) (see 5...