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  • Subsoilers

    The employment of BADALINI subsoilers allows to reduce environmental impact, to improve soil characteristics and to get the following advantages: reduced power absorption by the tractor; greater speed and working depth; limproved fuel economy; cost savings in irrigation and drainage; possibility of use in combination with other equipments; reduction of the soil compaction and good levelling of the ground thanks to back discs or roller; reduction of water stagnation on the surface, especially

  • Rambo Mini - Model CLD/ - Subsoiler

    Rambo Mini - Model CLD/ - Subsoiler

    The subsoiler CLD/ RAMBO MINI is produced to work with tractors from 45 to 110 HP. Its versatility allows to work also in greenhouses with tracked tractors and on hilly soils. Using CLD/ RAMBO MINI can be obtained exceptional energy conservation, and the ploughing coat can be broken. This machine, in fact, is manufactured with special and certified materials, in order to reduce the power absorbed by...

  • King Special - Model CKA/ - Subsoiler

    King Special - Model CKA/ - Subsoiler

    The subsoiler CKA/ KING SPECIAL, in its versions, has been realized after many working experiences in every type of soil. The special arc-frame offers great strongness and solidity; the high clearance under the frame makes easier the passage of the ground at all depths.