Bures Profesional, S.A.

Bures Profesional, S.A.

Bures Profesional, S.A.

BURES is a solid group of companies which came into being from a business tradition of several generations in the agricultural and the ornamental horticulture sector. We are able to count on the more than 40 years of experience accumulated by SICOSA, one of the most traditional companies on the market in organic manure and fertilisers. Since 1982, we have enjoyed the experience of PRODEASA in manufacturing substrates for cultivating ornamental plants in flower pots and containers, applying the most advanced technological knowledge that gives us a privileged position in the gardening market. Bures Profesional, S.A. is the largest company in the group, specializing in the manufacture of Fertilizers, Substrates, Peats & Growing Media for subsequent commercialization of its products under the BIOT brand. It has always provided a service to agriculture and gardening professionals, the latter being a sector that is showing strong growth.

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Puig de Sant Roc, 1 , Vilablareix , Catalonia E-17180 Spain
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BURÉS PROFESIONAL, S.A. was established following the merger of two major companies, Productos Energéticos y Abonos, S.A. (Prodeasa) and Industrias Químicas Sicosa, S.A. The aim was to harness the experience and technology of both companies, in order to offer a wide range of quality products and service of the highest standard

PRODEASA has continued to specialize in the manufacture of high-quality substrates, a field in which it has accumulated experience and expertise since the early 1980s. The fruit of this work is the wide range of products aimed at professionals working in such diverse sectors as agriculture, forestry, green spaces, environmental restoration, and construction, among others.

SICOSA was the first company in Spain to manufacture and market humus, and today, 40 years later, Vigorhumus continues to be one of the company’s star products. At the same time, Sicosa has expanded its product range into several lines of equal or greater importance, in order to provide its customers with a truly comprehensive service. In Spain alone, the company now has more than 5,000 customers. Sicosa’s products are mainly sold to the intensive farming, ornamental horticulture and gardening sectors.


Our mission is to become the market leader in the research, development and creation of high-quality products for agriculture, horticulture and gardening. Customer satisfaction is our foremost aim, which is why we devote all our efforts to the continuous improvement of our products and to maintaining very close contact with our customers. In this way, we are able to obtain information that can be used to improve our service and the final product.

We are determined to maintain our commitment and the loyalty of professionals, distributors and consumers by guaranteeing the highest level of integrity, trust and commitment in all aspects of our commercial relations.

Our company is deeply committed to protecting the environment, which is why we not only comply with all the legal standards applicable to our activities and services, but even exceed them. We also promote environmental awareness among our personnel and in the community, and we stress the importance of specific initiatives aimed at conserving the environment.

Burés Profesional, S.A. is always looking for companies or people with motivation and experience in the agricultural sector to distribute our products. Our products are a guarantee to solve any need that may arise on today's agricultural, gardening or nursery gardening market. Burés Profesional, S.A. is always open to any proposal on the national or international markets.

To request information about how to distribute our products in your geographical area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Burés Profesional, S.A. is a company undergoing constant growth and expansion. Part of our success lies in establishing relationships with companies in the sector both nationally and internationally. We welcome any proposal, committing ourselves to study it in detail, and guaranteeing a minimum response time.