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  • Diamond W Corrals - Portable Corral

    Diamond W Corrals - Portable Corral

    The Portable Corral is designed by Diamond W Corrals to save rancher time with double hinged construction & 1 ¾” x 1 ¾” square tubing on a diamond pattern. This construction allows the portable corral on wheels to be set up on various types of terrain providing both the strength and mobility needed for uneven ground. All the panels are 6ft high and lifted by cable winches. The 6ft long side levers are used to easily...

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  • Cowco - Split Sided Chute

    Cowco - Split Sided Chute

     Manual headgate. Rear controls for headgate. (one man operation). Neck injection windows. Split side gates - top or bottom can be opened while the other remains closed to work. (ideal for clipping or hoof care). Side exits. Rubber floor, quiet, non skid with 20 year warranty. Palpation cage with bump doors (hands-free) and rubber floor (Rumber brand). Slider tailgate or flex (fold-up) tailgate. Ratchet humping bar. Chute and all controls are...

  • S.I. Feeders - Mini Semi-Stationary Bunk

    S.I. Feeders - Mini Semi-Stationary Bunk

    Feeds calves up to 500 lbs. Use inside or outside. Easily moved. Adjustable legs allow the bunk to grow with the calves. Legs are shaped to resist freeze down. Popular use for sheep. Feeds hay, grain, and silage. Feed savings from our functional slant bars. Feed savings edge-top of bunk is folded in and down. Heavy steel pan is one piece for strength and economy. 2 1/2 ft width. Pan is shaped without corners to avoid waste. 4' long - 10 openings, 8'...

  • Pride Of The Farm - Model F60G (60-bushel) - Flowmatic Capacity Feeder

    Pride Of The Farm - Model F60G (60-bushel) - Flowmatic Capacity Feeder

    Cast iron troughs. Stainless steel dividers and rain sheds. 12 feed openings. Feed opening is 9.5 inches x 10.5 inches. Trough diameter is 55 inches. Height with cover is 67 inches. Hopper diameter is 57 inches. Super-tough non corroding trough lids controls nose stress, thus the normal nose and mouth abrasions cause by frozen metal are eliminated. Other sizes are available.

  • Aluminum - Model 110 - Grooming Chute

    Aluminum - Model 110 - Grooming Chute

    Aluminum #110 Grooming Chute. 7 Foot Long x 6 Foot - 8 Inches High x 34 Inches Wide. 2' Rounded Corner Tubing. 4 Turnbuckles Added For Strength. This 110 Lb. Aluminum Chute Folds Down For Easy Moving And Hauling.