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  • Twin Row Conversion (TRC) Kit

    Twin Row Conversion (TRC) Kit

    Designed to convert John Deere 1790 and 1795 planter for twin row planting (Certain stock equipment necessary). New TRC Kit for 1795 ExactEmerge. Switch to narrow row corn economically - For a fraction of trading to 15”or 20” equipment. . Works with 30' strip-till equipment. Switch between twin row or 30' row planting in minutes. Virtually no permanent alterations to stock planter.

  • EzOffset  - Model 3P - Position Crossbar

    EzOffset - Model 3P - Position Crossbar

    This 3 position hitch crossbar is designed as a replacement for the crossbar on the John Deere 1790®-1795 even row models. The 3 positions are for 30'row,Twin Row and 15'row spacing. Simply lower the hitch onto the parking stands and move the tractor quick hitch from one set of links to another. Avoid the awkward and potentially dangerous task of jacking up the planter hitch, removing the pivot bolt and re-positioning a heavy crossbar.