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  • Mobile Plants for Concentrated Feed

  • TOURMIX - Model 03 DUO - Mobile Plants

    TOURMIX - Model 03 DUO - Mobile Plants

    What´s the plan today - your customer demands a a 12 t large mixture, to different feed mixtures, or a 500 kg special mixture? The new TOURMIX 03 DUO will do it all. Because it is equipped with two mixing containers, two weighers, two filter units, and a large hybrid  blower with a variable drive. two completely different mixtures can be...

  • TOURMIX - Model 02-VE - Mobile Plants

    TOURMIX - Model 02-VE - Mobile Plants

    The TOURMIX 02-VE with the 4.5 ton weighing mixer is the basic model of the new series. It works according to the proven Buschhoff system. As soon as the coarse meal has the structure defined by the screen, it is pneumatically transferred to the combination valve and then into the mixer. Rolled feed is also transferred pneumatically to the valve which guarantees a smooth transfer of the rolled materials. The results are an...

  • Milling & Mixing

  • Model BHS - Feed Mill with Blower

    Model BHS - Feed Mill with Blower

    Customer requirements and individual needs are Buschhoff’s focus. Therefore the paddle wheels of this mill series can be adapted to the specific demands of the individual customer. The different models feature powerful three-phase motors from 7.5 to 18.5 kW. Welded design provides extreme robustness to the mill casing, and a solid rotor contributes to the mills’ durability.

  • Model M - Feed Mixer

    Model M - Feed Mixer

    The Buschhoff feed mixers are available in different designs and layouts. Their capacity is between 750 and 3.000 kg. They use the well-proven forced mixing mode, resulting in a mixing accuracy of 1:100.000. The large, slow-moving mixing auger makes for an efficient and fast mixing. Up to 5 % oil can be added without any problem. Another advantage: The mixers of the WR layout can be fitted with intake augers up to a length of 4 m. Therefore a...

  • Model GM series - Feed Mixer

    Model GM series - Feed Mixer

    With a capacity of 4 – 12 t these feed mixers are especially suited for large businesses. The Buschhoff GM series is of welded construction and therefore very robust. Layouts and variants of this series, too, make for easy adaptation to customers’ individual requirements – optimal operation is assured. The mixers deliver a mixing accuracy of 1:100.000 by using...

  • Conveying and Storage

  • Round Grain Silos

    Round Grain Silos

    Our Silos are made from high-quality steel and manufactured by state-of-the-art machinery. This will pay off for you in receiving a product which is quickly and easily assembled on site and which will last for decades. The separate parts for our silos are made of zinc-coated steel sheet with a 450 g/m² zinc coating. Statics and baseplate plans are within the scope of delivery.

  • Modular Silos

    Modular Silos

    The modular silo is a well-proven solution for the interim storage of grain and other feed components in the context of a milling and mixing plant. It is available in square and rectangular designs. The modular silo is made of plain, zinc coated steel sheet. Hoppers are available with an inclination of 45°, 60°, or 60/90°. A nearly endless number of possible combinations regarding dimensions, outlet height, and discharge gear...

  • Glass Reinforced Plastics Silos (GRP)

    Glass Reinforced Plastics Silos (GRP)

    Silos made of GRP (glass reinforced plastics) are ideally qualified for outdoor use. The silo casing is a one-piece element, supported by a steel frame. The volume ranges from 2 to 60 m³. Such silos are perfectly suited for the storage of mealy materials, like soy or mixed feed, and of free flowing materials like grain or pellets.