bynse is the first Big Data solution for agriculture in the world. bynse allows the managers and producers of the agro-food industries to analyze the current and future needs of their crops in real time. bynse solution consists of an innovative microclimatic sensoring system called bynsebox, used for collecting field data and a cloud information service, bynsecloud, in charge of processing and displaying the information to the users. With bynse you will be able to control the current and future status of your crops, their needs and take action to satisfy these needs. Irrigate according to the needs of your crops by using only the required amount of water and when your crops need it.bynse helps the manager to control and plan the works and tasks that need to be carried out on the farm.bynse provides a solution for the management of these risks: to apply plant protection treatments only when the possibility of diseases or pests makes it necessary.

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Software vendor
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Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)