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  • Flaking Roller Mill or Cereal Crushing Roller

    Flaking Roller Mill or Cereal Crushing Roller

    Mills CMF are made using two cylinders of special steel with high hardness. Processing of cereals, with these cylinders of large diameter allows, a regular production with no problems of poor performance or non-regular productions due to the slipping of the cereal between the rolling cylinders. 

  • Control Panels with P.L.C.

    Control Panels with P.L.C.

    The control and operation of the plant of Hulling and Flaking are entrusted to an electrical integrated panel, from which it is possible to monitor each stage of processing, as well as to program them for each individual need. A practical 'Touch Screen' panel  facilitates the programming and management. In the control cabinet are also contained different security systems that intervene in case of emergency or...

  • Fluid Bed Dryer or Roasting

    Fluid Bed Dryer or Roasting

    M3100ER: Lung. mm 500. Larg.mm: 5.000. A m2: 2,5. Q kg./h: 1.000. Δ U%: 13%.  Temp. °C: 120°. Tot KW: 8,5.