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  • Forklift Duplex

  • CM - Model 9DCL - Forklift Duplex

    CM - Model 9DCL - Forklift Duplex

    Hydraulic forklift ideal for small tractors because its lightness allows maximum load use. It is made up of 'U' shaped hot rolled steel profiles with steel grade ST 52.3, roller bearings, a chain and a double effect central lifting cylinder.

  • Tippers

  • CM - Model 165 - Tipper Flap

    CM - Model 165 - Tipper Flap

    Can be applied to forklift trucks. Ideal for turning upside down and moving bins. Equipped as standard with a sequence valve which allows bins to be locked and turned upside down with a single command, quick hooking/unhooking and connection tubes. The innovative locking system adds to the originality of this tipper. The model made of stainless steel, is recommended for the foodstuffs, fish industry and butchery sectors.