C-Mac Industries

C-Mac Industries is a specialist sheet metal and engineering manufacturer with significant expertise in Sheet Metal Fabrication, CNC Precision Machining & Gear Cutting, Horticultural & Nursery Equipment, Material Handling Products & Projects, Maintenance, Design Services and Insulating Oil Treatment Equipment. The workgroup is comprised of project managers, project engineers, electronics engineer, tradesmen, apprentices, toolmakers, fitter welders, sheet metal workers, electricians, fitter machinists, design and maintenance engineers all with experience in our specialised field. C-Mac Industries delivers a higher quality of workmanship underpinned by a culture of looking after the customer. This ensures the safest and most productive outcomes for customers.

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72 – 74 Mandoon Road , Girraween , New South Wales 2145 Australia

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Agriculture - Horticulture
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

With over 46 years experience in Sheet Metal Fabrication and CNC Precision Engineering &Gear Cutting, C-Mac Industries is recognized as a market leader in the Australian manufacturing industry, according to ourcustomers’ feedback.

We catering for one off small run jobs to repetition and mass production,

C-Mac Industries’ competitive advantage:-

  1. High quality workmanship (ISO 9001:2008 quality certified)
  2. Shortest lead times
  3. Versatility of skilled staff (with years of experience) supported by advanced equipment and systems.

As a highly capable Australian Made and Owned manufacturing company, C-Mac strives to provide you with 'Innovative Metal Solutions' in the following areas:

  • Steel fabrication
  • Detailed sheet metal work
  • Stainless steel & Aluminium fabrication
  • Metal fabrication (light & heavy)
  • CNC Milling &Turning
  • CNC Lathes
  • CNC Machining
  • Precision Engineering
  • Gear Cutting
  • Design Services
  • Machinery Maintenance Services

Apart from Sheetmetal, Engineering andMaintenance & Design Services, C-Mac has also been manufacturring Horticultural & Nursery EquipmentTransformer Oil Filtration Machinery and Materials Handling Productssuch as bagging machines, conveyor and feeder bins for over 40 years.

C-Mac specialises in:

  • Component Engineering
  • Restoring damaged parts  
  • Purpose built components & products
  • Metal Products & Component Prototyping
  • Emergency break down services
  • Onsite work: Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation, service work.
  • Oil Recycling Machinery
All staff at C-Mac share in Ownership Status striving to provide Innovative Metal Solutions to solve our customers' problems. We believe that the versatility of skilled and experienced staff, advanced & diversified range of machinery in house will ensure quality products and services are delivered as customers require. One off small run jobs to high volume production, C-Mac Industries always targets high quality and shortest lead times. Excellent customer service always meets or exceeds our customers' expectation.
As an Australian Made and Owned Company for over 46 YEARS, all staff are committed to C-Mac's Mission and Vision in the organisation. C-Mac Industries sustains values through training, workplace behaviours, contract selection and customer/supplier relationships. Staff believe the commitment to our mission and vision separates us from our competitors.

C-Mac’s Mission

To provide high-quality, high-value innovative metal solutions to our Australian and overseas customers;

To achieve this through the skilled, safe hands of our trades people;

To make a difference to our clients and reassure them through the creation of fabricated metal products, which we are proud to make and they are proud to own

C-Mac’s Vision

Continue to expand as an innovative business whose ownership is shared between the founding family and its employees;

Clients continually receive value for the money they are investing, in their C-Mac manufactured solution and being reassured by knowing that their work is in safe hands;

Ongoing training of apprentices and staff, builds skills for the future, and sustains Australian manufacturing.

What are our capabilities?

Established in 1966 C-Mac is a private Australian company focused on providing a complete sheetmeta & engineering service, from small components to complex special purpose machines and detailed fabrication. Although CNC machines dominate the factory there is also a full range of machines considered essential to general engineering and sheetmetal fabrication  workshops.

The range of engineering processes has been segregated into two operating divisions:

Grouping these core competencies/trades and equipment creates a complete manufacturing facility, concentrating on providing advice to customers for their requirements, in a bid to satisfy part or all of their contract needs.

To drive the advanced range of computer controlled equipment, a range of software products has been installed enabling machinery to optimize manufacturing methods and materials, minimize drawing and programming times, efficiently handle process control, design, accounts, office and customer relationship requirements along with internet and e-mail. This means all customer records created can be controlled efficiently thus allowing effective transfer of manufacturing information and reducing on-going manufacturing costs.

Having a core of advanced computer controlled equipment means there are inherent benefits for the customer and for production control. CNC equipment means accuracy and repeatability, easy to use flexible software means less dependence on large production volume and the added facility to produce for just in time flexible manufacturing systems.

C-Mac have addressed the service aspects of the manufacturing process to ensure customer requirements, involvement, and access to key staff remain the priority, this also extends to the quality system, where C-Mac is accredited to ISO9002. C-Mac’s Company Manual is constantly being reviewed with procedures and control systems for the factory and through to the accounts department. Keeping up with modern management and manufacturing processes, training of staff and apprentices, WH&S, environmental issues and other statutory and legal requirements, is an ongoing and improving process.

With a significant investment in buildings & yard area, plant equipment and expertise of staff, C-Mac are ideally suited for manufacture of new and replacement parts, prototypes and short run production through to project work. C-Mac has a diverse customer base and services a wide range of industries at all levels of supply.