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  • lydia - Breeding

    lydia - Breeding

    The introduction of new varieties and species starts with the breeder. As a leading supplier, we maintain close contact with several breeders in the different product groups. These contacts result in a good knowledge transfer which will benefit the entire production chain.Also, C. Steenvoorden BV owns his own lily breeding program with objectives that ultimately benefit everyone. Some products that have been introduced are: Lilium LO Bright Tower, Lilium...

  • Boston - Cultivation

    Boston - Cultivation

    The suppliers of our products are professional and reliable growers. The products mainly come from the Netherlands, but also other production areas like; France, Brazil, Chile and New Zealand are approached to be able to deliver a high quality product at the right time. Field inspections play a big part in our high quality product. During the field inspections the development and growth of the bulbs is checked. At the same time this also gives us more...