We supply biochar in a pellet combination format with a 25%+ C content which can be premixed with the recommended fertilizer for a crop and applied with standard agricultural equipment, normally in a banded application with the seeds/plants. Depending on the soil analyses and cultivar, the standard quantity of fertilizer can be reduced up to 50%, be replaced with our biochar pellets and deliver as good as or better crop output. Similar results can be obtained when mixed with compost or other plant feed. Biochar is a soil amendment and not does not have any significant fertilizer properties on its own, What it does well, is to make the fertilizer and other nutrients present in the soil just that much more available for the plant to take up, stimulates microbial life and improves the water holding capacity of the soil, apart from many other advantages related to biochar being present in the soil. Biochar in the soil also contributes to reduction of global warming. See our web page.

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