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  • Cutters

  • Cutter


    BASE MACHINE: additional hydraulic lateral movement (2 quick fluid intake couplings), hoe-holder head hydraulically inclinable in high! (2 quick Huid intake couplings), 1100 mm splined P.t.o. shaft, manual emergency recall steel wire lever - double support mechanical power lift.USE: uprooting weeds around tree trunks, also suitable for orchards with broad foliage extension.

  • Clod Breaker

  • Calderoni - Tractor-Mounted Clod-Breaker

    Calderoni - Tractor-Mounted Clod-Breaker

    Tractor-mounted clod-breaker with lateral movement - with rear-mounted hoes or disks.BASE MACHINE: lateral movement by crank lateral rear - central hoe.USE; uprooting weeds with rear disks or hoeW soli crumbling for seedbed  preparation.     

  • Bio Rotor Ecology Sistem

  • Calderoni - Bio Rotor Ecology Sistem

    Calderoni - Bio Rotor Ecology Sistem

    Innovative machine for inter-row weeding with ecology in vineyards and orchards, with trees very close. The machine is equipped w'rth innovative and special straps which allow to obtain a perfect cleaning of the trunk of the plant I not using chemical agents.The machine can be applied both to the shredder, but also in front of the tractor.