California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC)

California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) is an organization funded by cut flower and greens farmers to do for all of them what none of them could do alone. The Commission is uniquely focused on our farms and helping them survive and thrive while ensuring consumers in the United States have quick and affordable access to the freshest, highest quality flower possible. The Commission focuses on four main areas to improve the vitality of the California cut flower and greens industry: Transportation, Public Relations, Governmental Affairs and Grower Research and Economic Development.

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California cut flower farmers spend every day growing flowers, and every day there are issues that threaten their ability to do just that. The CCFC exists to be their ambassador and advocate.

California is America’s best source for high-quality cut flowers. In fact, California growers account for 75 percent of all domestically grown cut flowers in the United States. When a consumer purchases California cut flowers, they are buying flowers that:

  • Meet the strictest growing standards in the world
  • Were raised in a world-class, year-round environment perfect for growing hundreds of varieties of flowers, including specialties, exotic botanicals and high-quality everyday cut flowers such as: Gerbera daisies, roses, tulips, lilies, mums and more
  • Were probably in the field just 24 – 48 hours ago

Who Grows What?

From San Diego to the Oregon border, more than 250 cut flower growers make California the top flower producing state in the country

In 2007, sales of California cut flowers and foliage totaled $330 million

Currently California supplies approximately 20 - 25m percent of all cut flowers sold in the United States with the balance being imported from South American countries

A 2006 survey revealed California supplied moret han:

  • 173 million stems of roses
  • 77 million stems of gerbera
  • 72 million stems of irises
  • 66 million stems of lilies
  • 59 millions stems of tulips
  • 27 million stems of stock

Imported cut flowers and greens account for 79 percent of the total U.S. supply

Fifty percent of all California grown fresh cut flowers are distributed to wholesale and retail customers outside of the state
Who Buys What?

Nationwide consumers purchase an estimated $17 billion of floral items

On an annual basis, 30 percent of US households purchase fresh cut flowers and greens

Eighty-five percent of consumers do not know where the flowers they purchase are from; however, more than half (55 percent) indicate they would purchase flowers grown in California if they were given the choice

What This Means to California

Expenditures by cut flower growers creates a ripple effect that generates 19,000 jobs and $2.4 million per day in salaries and wages – money that goes to people – is created for additional jobs in the state

$5.5 million per day is the total economic impact in terms of business activity created by cut flower growers

$64.7 million in taxes – or nearly $177,320 per day – is generated by cut flower growers to help fund programs within California.