Specialized in the detection and the counting for aquaculture, we designed from 4 years counters with new plug and play technology: FC2 (2 channels) - FC4 (4 channels) - FC8 (8channels). Light - Robust - Accurate - Intelligent - Rapid Maintenance, it replace advantageously our old fish counters C16. Our new product from 2016, fry counter FC12 type: 12 counting channels - fish size: 1gr to 30gr - accuracy: 98% - production capacity: 120.000 fishes per hour. Since 1985, we are the manufacturer of this type of counter, more than 30 years` experience.

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Rue de la Blanche-Borne, 32 , Châtelet , 6200 Belgium

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Globally (various continents)
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Who are We?

  • Specialized in detecting and counting for aquaculture, We design and manufacture equipment for aquaculture: Fish counters - Fry counter
  • Calitri Technology exports its know-how throughout the world for over thirty years

Our values

  • Our work is based on values which we consider fundamental: An attentive listening to our customers' needs
  • A commitment to provide with high quality products Continuous innovations on our products to adapt them with current technologies

Our skills

  • Engineering office qualified mechanics, electronics and software, we excel in product realization, from study to validation through the design stage

Our Know-how

  • Our products are made with all our qualifications and skills
  • Our advanced knowledge about microcontrollers programming are a main advantage concerning the performance and accuracy of our products.