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Products by Wacker Neuson SE

  • Model 501s - Skid-Steer Loaders

    Model 501s - Skid-Steer Loaders

    Neuson Kramer Group, being a full liner of mini and compact machines, has landed a great success. The extension of the previous product range consisting of track excavators, mobile excavators, wheel loaders, wheel dumpers and track dumpers by the skid steer loaders has been more than successful. Their compact dimensions, powerful engine output, technical achievements as well as the revolutionary design distinguish these machines from their...

Products by EMB MFG Inc.

  • Chippers

  • Model BX  - Wood Chipper

    Model BX - Wood Chipper

    Inside every Wallenstein BX Wood Chipper is power, converting messy debris into a valuable resource. Unwanted branches taking up space and posing fire hazards quickly become easy to handle chips. For woodlot owners, arborists and municipalities, this means disposing of brush piles is easy, creating groundcover thats ideal for pathways and flowerbeds or improving the composting process

  • Wood Splitters

  • Wallenstein - Model WE 200 - Wood Splitters

    Wallenstein - Model WE 200 - Wood Splitters

    Powerful and versatile, the WE 200 series provides dependable splitting force and fast, efficient workflow for logs up to 24” long. Powered by a Subaru engine and backed by Wallenstein’s 5 year Warranty, these log splitters are built to handle any size of job.

  • Winches

  • Model FX 35 - Winches

    Model FX 35 - Winches

    Pulling Capacity 3,500 lbs. HP Recommendation 15 - 30. Mounting (3PH) Category I. Cable Speed 22-260 ft./min. Cable Size 80' of 5/16'. Winch Type 2-Speed Hydraulic. Weight 245 lbs. Dimensions 27' x 40' x 48'. Choker Chain 1 included. Hydraulic Flow Requires 2–12 GPM, optimum 6 GPM

  • Backhoes

  • Ranchho - Model GX620 - Backhoes

    Ranchho - Model GX620 - Backhoes

    The Ranchho GX620 is designed for compact tractors starting at 18HP. With a digging depth of 6-feet and a 9-foot reach, the GX620 gets down and dirty, breaking the frostline and finishing the job quickly.

  • Wallenstein Ranchho - Model GX920XT - Backhoes

    Wallenstein Ranchho - Model GX920XT - Backhoes

    The Wallenstein Ranchho digs even deeper with the Extendible GX920XT model. Capable of hydraulically extending an extra 24” to dig 11’ 4” deep, the extendible dipper stick gives you the extra reach when you need it. When contracted, the bucket and dipper stick curl up tight to the boom for easy travel and compact storage.

  • Grapples

  • Wallenstein - Model LX 5100 - Three-Point Hitch Log Grapple

    Wallenstein - Model LX 5100 - Three-Point Hitch Log Grapple

    To get ahead you have to cut corners, except with the flexible Wallenstein three-point hitch log grapple for compact tractors. The spring-loaded swivel grapple makes sure your logs follow you home around every bend and turn in your woodlot. The LX 5100 also reduces damage to your trails and logs by lifting the front end off the ground. This eliminates deep ruts and minimizes surface contact to the end of the log. So, pull it all together with the most...