Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance

Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance

Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) is the national association that speaks for Canada’s seafood farmers, representing their interests in Ottawa to regulators, policy makers and political leaders. With a membership that reaches coast to coast to coast, comprised of finfish, shellfish and aquatic plant farmers, feed companies and suppliers, as well as regional aquaculture associations, CAIA is a passionate advocate for the quality and sustainability of farmed seafood.

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The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance is a national forum that is dedicated to advocating and advancing the farm-raised seafood sector in Canada.


Environmental Stewardship
Healthy Food
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The principal objectives of CAIA are:

  • To provide a strong, independent and united voice for Canada’s aquaculture industry on the national and international scenes;
  • To be an effective and proactive advocate for Canadian aquaculture interests in relation to national public policy;
  • To lead the development of a national aquaculture strategy, and to foster cooperation among aquaculture interests;
  • To facilitate a public environment in which the Canadian aquaculture industry can achieve its full potential;
  • To provide real and measurable benefits to members.

Aquaculture occurs in all provinces and the Yukon Territory and we farm more than a dozen types of fish and shellfish commercially.

While most of Canada’s aquaculture operations are found on the east and west coasts, freshwater trout operations are found in almost every province.

Canada’s aquaculture industry delivers a wide range of safe, healthy and sustainable seafood products to domestic and international markets.

The largest and most prominent aquaculture sectors in Canada are Atlantic salmon, mussels, trout, oysters and clams.

Canada’s aquaculture industry is rooted in strict adherence to demonstrated science-based sustainable practices.

Canada’s aquaculture industry is an important employer and economic driver in many coastal, rural and Aboriginal communities.

Canada's seafood farmers are united in support of healthy, sustainable and responsible aquaculture growth and the timely passage of Canada’s first federal Aquaculture Act.

The Act would set clear, consistent standards for aquaculture farming across the country, and allow for much greater federal-provincial coordination in how our industry is managed. This will simplify cross-provincial operations and focus attention on creating sound, science-based rules.

CAIA believes a new federal act would:

  • Foster a healthy, responsible and sustainable farmed seafood sector in Canada.
  • Ensure a science-based, accountable and transparent management approach.
  • Revitalize hard hit coastal communities including First Nations communities with sustainable high value jobs.
  • Enable greater federal/provincial co-operation & collaboration.
  • Meet future demand with global best practices and international competitiveness.

The proposed Aquaculture Act represents a step forward in modernizing how Canada views, regulates, and enables growth of our industry. Rather than being regulated under a 150 year old Fisheries Act, the Aquaculture Act would recognize our industry as a farming activity – consistent with the approach of other leading jurisdictions around the world.