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  • Business & Management Consulting

    Business & Management Consulting

    is a professional firm providing design, development, productivity and competitiveness services predominantly within the aquaculture sector. Since 1984, CAS has offered a complete range of biological, technological, bio-engineering and business management services. We offer a solid understanding of aquaculture life support and recirculation systems, design and management, harvesting and processing systems for finfish and shellfish culture operations,...

  • Investment Decisions

    Investment Decisions

    Investing in aquaculture can be risky.  As in traditional forms of animal husbandry, aquaculture operations are becoming increasingly intensive to enhance productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.  Greater intensity, however, also introduces a corresponding increase in operational risk.  Nevertheless, many aquaculture ventures successfully produce high-quality products at a reasonable cost in a sustainable manner.  A comprehensive...

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning

    Organizations that fail to develop and implement a strategic plan typically end up in a weak competitive position characterized by low productivity, conflicting organizational arrangements and inconsistent motivational drivers. In contrast, the emphasis placed on formal planning processes within leading organizations is indicative of the significant benefits that can be derived when policies and actions are coordinated and directed toward a common set of...