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  • CTD - Agricultural Wheels

    CTD - Agricultural Wheels

    CTD Group agricultural wheels, tires, spindles and hubs work seamlessly together to provide you the most quality and cost-effective parts for your equipment. Designed to handle the extremely rugged work conditions of the agricultural industry, our wheels are backed by a one year warranty.

  • CTD - Hubs

    CTD - Hubs

    We manufacture a full range of hubs to serve all needs of the agricultural industry, and our experienced engineering design team can create customized solutions to suit your specific needs. At The CTD Group, our hubs, spindles and wheels are produced under the same roof at our 100,000 square foot plant and work seamlessly together to provide you the highest quality and most cost-effective parts for your equipment.

  • CTD - Ductile-Iron Implement Hitches

    CTD - Ductile-Iron Implement Hitches

    An innovative line of hitches for the rugged terrain of the agricultural industry. The CTD Group offers an innovative line of ductile-iron implement hitches, originally designed to provide farmers with a one-trip tractor-implement drawbar coupling that was safer and more efficient than existing systems. Through 20 years of development, CTD designed a hitching system that offers a standardized coupling process for the North American Agricultural...